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June 17, 2007

Nick Dougherty


Q. Was there a time you thought you could be in with a chance?
NICK DOUGHERTY: Coming off the ninth green I thought if I could play the back nine in three under I would have a chance. I played a lot better today. Played well tee to green and made putts here and there. Missed a couple of chances. Little disappointed to finish on that score as I think I needed to finish one better to get in the Masters. But proud of what I did on the 18th. It has been a tough week for me emotionally. I was exhausted last night after playing with Tiger and have never felt like that coming off the course before. But I am delighted. I have done myself proud this week. I am extremely pleased with the progress I have made.

Q. How are the last few holes playing?
NICK DOUGHERTY: You don't have to hit driver on the 15th. 16th is extremely tough. 18th is the tee shot. Once you hit that you are fine but it is an extremely tough tee shot. You will be happy with a four.

Q. You have played with Tiger, led the U.S. Open; best week of your life?
DOUGHERTY: It is right up there. As far as my career and the progress I am making then yes. I think I have done a world of good to my profile here in the United States. I feel I have a lot of confidence, I have come here and competed with the best players in the world and held my own. And I have not been on my game until today. I am chuffed with that.
It has been a very eventful week. Playing with Tiger was the high. As amazing as it was leading the U.S. Open, which will always be a high point of my career, playing with Tiger has been one of my dreams and to play with him in the third round of the U.S. Open is a good as it gets. I am just knackered. This is new for me. I am a good player I think but I am still young and have things to learn. Being in contention for a Major is something I had not experienced and I went in at the deep end leading after round one and I could get used to it.

Q. How tough is it playing with Tiger?
NICK DOUGHERTY: It is draining but an amazing experience. I have such admiration for that guy. I think he is the best athlete in the world at the moment and I think the best golfer ever to play the game possibly ever will do. He is so much better than everyone else. And when he is gutting it out in the third round trying to get amongst the leaders is an experience I will never forget.

Q. Next?
NICK DOUGHERTY: On a private jet with the guys from BMW and off to Munich. No rest for the wicked.

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