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June 15, 2007

Arnaud Clement


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Arnaud.

Q. You've had some interesting days in your career, long matches, but have you won two matches in a day before?
ARNAUD CLEMENT: Yeah, I think so. Maybe in quallies.

Q. Not on the tour?
ARNAUD CLEMENT: I don't know.

Q. Can't remember?
ARNAUD CLEMENT: No. It's possible, but I don't know.

Q. How would you describe your performance today?
ARNAUD CLEMENT: You know, the first match was against Djokovic, so I was just focused on this one this morning. It wasn't a good start. The finish was very good. The third set was very good.
After I beat Djokovic, No. 4 in the world, come on, I have a chance to beat Karlovic. I know it's tough against him on grass because his serve is unbelievable. But, you know, I made the good choice, not always, but enough to break him two times.
When you returning him, you have to say, Where I go, right or left, every time? You have no chance to touch the ball if you don't choose a side.

Q. When you return his serve, you also have to play good passing shots.

Q. If you leave a return short, he comes in. Your passing today against him was also good.
ARNAUD CLEMENT: Just a few, but very important moments. The breakpoint in the second set. On grass, the matches, it's always two, three points for the difference in the set. It's maybe more against him because if you have a chance to break him, if you did it, after you're more relaxed on your serve, for everything.
Just two, three points. It was a good return. One or two good passing shots. After I think maybe he didn't have a very good first-serve percentage in the match, but maybe because I had a good return today.

Q. One of your best days for a while, perhaps?

Q. Since when maybe?
ARNAUD CLEMENT: The semifinal was Lyon in September, October.

Q. Last year?
ARNAUD CLEMENT: Last year. This year I only played one quarterfinal in Zagreb in February. That's it.

Q. The French still have 12 players in the top hundred on the men's tour. Why do you think you're able to keep that level, good players coming through?
ARNAUD CLEMENT: Because in France we have a lot of tennis courts in all the country. I think it's important. Also I think we are good on clay, on grass, on hard courts, indoor. All the players can play all the surface.
I think it's something very important. I think we have very good coach in France. We have a good coach at the French Federation. We have good coach now in the Team Lagardere. We also have a very good coach in the private -- not in the academy, but in the clubs everywhere.
Tennis, after football, is the sport that's number one in France. A lot of people are playing, enjoying watching the matches. A lot of young players like to play and can play because we have a lot of courts everywhere. Maybe it's not the reason, but it's one of the reason.

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