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June 15, 2007

Niclas Fasth


Q. Hearing from the likes of Tiger and from Phil, everybody coming off this course today is just saying this is one of the toughest tests of golf that they've ever had and that's a darn good round.
NICLAS FASTH: Thank you, I was very pleased with the way I played and pretty much with the way I scored, inevitably there are a few bogeys out there and I think that happens to everybody, and it's not necessarily where you need to hit many bad shots, nobody can control it all the way around on these greens and if you're not on the fairway you're struggling to hit the green, even with a wedge.

Q. USGA always strives to make it the toughest test, but they also at the present time to be fair. Is it still a fair test of golf out there?
NICLAS FASTH: Who is to decide? It none of the world's top players can break par it's obviously on the edge, but there is nothing wrong with the setup from my point of view, it's a severe course and when it gets dry, which is the thing, really, it gets very hard on the greens and around the greens.

Q. You've had some strong finishes over on the other side and I would have to think coming in, are you feeling good about your game, the way you're playing?
NICLAS FASTH: I've been coming out of a bit of a dip the last three, four weeks have started to feel better. I had a decent tournament my last one at Wentworth in Europe, and I'm starting to feel pretty good, but it hasn't been fantastic. Today was better than yesterday, today was very good, in fact.

Q. You are going to be out with the late groups tomorrow and certainly in a very, very good position to make a go here at the Championship, is that what's on your mind right now or go out and play par golf?
NICLAS FASTH: I haven't thought about it in that way, really, the competition for the championship hasn't started yet to be fair. We're all trying to hang in there and the guy who is 6-over is in there as much as the guy who is level. We have two rounds to play and you'll see birdies and triple bogeys and this is not going to be finished until the last hole is played, whatever happens over the weekend, so it's not really something to think about, you can do nothing about t you're probably better off not thinking too much here.

Q. Paul's 66, other than that nobody made a low number today on this course, is it possible to shave points if this course stays dry?
NICLAS FASTH: Boy, if it stays dry you're not going to see lower scoring than this, unless you water the greens. They could do with a bitter of water, this afternoon they were dry. So the surface is great on the greens and the fairway for that matter, the course is brilliant and it's severe, but I think the setup is good, but you don't want it to be too dry because you see what happened Saturday at Augusta in the afternoon, and it takes some away, but it's been quite playable so far but very much on the edge.

Q. What does this tournament mean to you, you're coming from Europe and I know here for us Americans, this is a National Championship and it's one of the four majors. Where does this rank for you?
NICLAS FASTH: It's one of the four majors, and to win one would be a great career goal for me. You won't be in contention unless you get a shot, and I know I can win if I have a shot down the stretch. I've done that a few times and I didn't back down at the U.S. Open when I had a chance. David Duval won that time and he deserved it, but I would like to be in there Sunday and I'm not going to back down if I am.

Q. Can you walk us through the birdies that you had today?
NICLAS FASTH: On two, I hit it up close on two, it was maybe, what, 6 feet with an 8-iron, downhiller. Ten was a very long putt, very long. That was probably at least 15 yards, what's that, 45 feet? Then I had one on 13, was it? Seven-footer, maybe in there, eight-footer. Was that it? That was it, wasn't it? Oh, dear.

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