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June 15, 2007

Nick Dougherty


Q. How did it go today?
NICK DOUGHERTY: It was tough. It was a real struggle. I played poorly. The main thing was the putting. I just didn't really make anything after sort of the fourth hole I played today. Missed quite a few of the ones I've been making really, sort of the 5-footers. I missed a lot actually. I must have missed four or five of them and that shows in the score. If I had shot 2-over I would have been very happy today because it is significantly more difficult than it was yesterday.
The greens are very, very quick. With it being poa, as well, it's difficult to read as well when there are a lot of footprints or a lot of people walking on them so they get a bit shiny in the afternoon and that showed because I didn't putt as well.
But all in all, I stuck in there well really. U.S. Open golf, and especially that today, once the shots are gone, they don't really come back and the next hole you have another challenge. Right away after you've made a mistake you have another tough challenge.
7-over is a bad score, but it's put me in the tournament. I'm relatively pleased to be honest.

Q. Usually for you, you look a little deflated and I imagine you feel that way as well.
NICK DOUGHERTY: Not really. To be honest I could still be leading after Round 2 and finish 50th. It makes no difference really. I can still win the tournament from here.
Disappointed with the way I played. Again, I find it frustrating, yesterday on the range when I hit balls as well, I didn't hit it how I wanted to. Just can't quite get to grips with it. It's a bit disappointing because I have been hitting lovely.
It's a bit more stress involved when you're playing on these courses because each shot, there is more pressure on each shot, because there's so much trouble. It makes it difficult to hit the ball quite how you wanted and even still it just wasn't good enough. I mean, it found me out today really more than anything.

Q. However you do feel that because of what you did yesterday that you are still there.
NICK DOUGHERTY: I am, yeah. If I can start playing well, you know, if I can start hitting the shots how I want to, then I really believe -- because I am putting well. It's just I struggled a little bit today.
You know, when you're on the back -- the putts become a lot more difficult. The 5-, 6-footers, they are not regular 5- or 6-footers; they are very quick and most of them are outside the holes. And in the afternoons, the greens were tricky, so it was not quite as easy as yesterday.
All in all, I wouldn't say it was nine shots difference, but it was consistently four or five shots, and for me personally, not for everybody, but for me personally it was brutal and very tough.

Q. Paul Casey had a 66 today.
NICK DOUGHERTY: Yeah, that's a great round of golf to be honest. I saw him finish before I teed off.
If you're playing well and making the putts you're supposed to make -- not supposed to make, but making the 5- or 6-footers, because you get plenty of them around here, you can shoot under Paul. And Paul is a great player and obviously playing in the morning was easier again, as it was for us yesterday, as it was reflected a little bit. There's still a few guys getting around 2-, 3-, 4-over but hardly storming away with it.
I'm just very pleased I'm within striking distance; I am absolutely within striking distance.

Q. Was there one thing that was a problem?
NICK DOUGHERTY: I didn't hit it well yesterday but I hit it probably a little bit worse again today, and I didn't make the putts. That was the key. I didn't putt well today or I didn't hole the putts, put it that way. Missed a lot of the 5-, 6-footers and you can't do that on a course as difficult as this.

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