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June 15, 2007

Justin Rose


Q. How good is a 71?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think it's a better 71 than yesterday. Yesterday I walked off the course being a little disappointed where today I'm delighted with 71.

Q. How tough is the course playing?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's tough to categorize it in terms of 2 or 3 shots harder, and I don't think if it's lightly less humid but more wind, and I think it's going to play tougher and tougher as the day goes on.

Q. Paul's round was 66 out there today.
JUSTIN ROSE: That's unbelievable. When I was going down to the 10 th hole I said to my caddy, "He's 3-under," and he said "Well, he hasn't finished, yet." And he finished 4-under, so 10 shots better than the field average or more. Unbelievable.

Q. And your thought going into the weekend? You're in great position.
JUSTIN ROSE: Great position exactly, I think it's very much just -- this course you can't get ahead of yourself, you never know what's around the corner, you're fighting for your pars, working hard out there, staying patient, doing all the right things, and that's all I'm really trying to do right now.

Q. Dropped a few early in the round. How were you able to get it turned around? What happened?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think not panicking, really, I had two three-putts and bogeyed the next hole, and then I had a good next hole and made a good putt, and that turned the round around, and I actually birdied 16, and if you make two's especially on this golf course that smart ens up your card.

Q. Do you enjoy yourself playing this type of golf on a course like this?
JUSTIN ROSE: I do, I kind of like that sort of hard-working golf. I enjoy the tough test and the challenge, and it becomes more of a mental challenge so it's really -- you have to work hard within yourself to grind out a good score, and I do enjoy that type of golf. I had a great three-ball as well, I played with Charles Howell III, and it was a nice atmosphere.

Q. Is this course teetering on the edge of ridiculous?
JUSTIN ROSE: A couple of guys up there were saying so and giving reactions to the course, but personally until I came in that thought hadn't gone through my mind.
Sometimes you see it from a different perspective but the ball is not moving on the greens right now and that's general when you start to determine a course being on the edge.

Q. You mentioned mental, you're going to be teeing off near the last group or in the last group tomorrow. Will you watch or not? Phil was going to go home and watch the carnage, as he said, this afternoon or do not want to focus on that?
JUSTIN ROSE: Probably not. I'll rely on my caddy to walk the holes, get a feel, because that's the benefit of watching, see how the course is playing, get a few reads, get an idea of pin placements, so hopefully I'll rely on my caddy to do that for me.

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