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June 14, 2007

Justin Rose


Q. Could you tell us about your birdies and bogeys today?
JUSTIN ROSE: There were a few of each, I think I made 5 birdies in my round which was more than I sort of planned on -- well, not planned but anytime you make five birdies around here that's a good day.
So the key is to limit your mistakes and unfortunately I didn't manage to do that completely. I had it to 2-under par and you want me to go through my round, right? I can't -- I doubled the first hole, doubled 10, and then managed to birdie the par-5 12th, 13th, and 14th, so it was a nice come-back.
Bogeyed 15 and then I birdied 1, chipped in on 1, actually, so that was a bonus. Birdied 3, hit a 6-iron in there to about three feet, and 5 I three-putted from the front of the green from about 45 feet. 6, I missed it in the green so I bunkered, left, missed about a 7-footer there. And 8 I ran it through the back edge of the green and chipped down to seven feet and missed a putt.

Q. I know you are giving some back there but to be able to finish near par today has got to feel pretty good.
JUSTIN ROSE: Exactly. Certainly you can't go -- I haven't shot myself out of the tournament today, which is what the round 1 is all about, getting yourself in the tournament from the word go and I think after starting with a double in the first I feel like I managed to sort of keep myself in the game today. Although I dropped a few shots coming in I'm pretty happy with the day.
Q. Did you find that the conditions -- with the rain yesterday, obviously the morning was a lot softer than you would imagine; it dried up as the afternoon went on?
JUSTIN ROSE: I was expecting it to dry up more than it actually did. I think the weather stayed quite cool until almost late this evening where it started to warm up so I think that helped the course stay a little bit soft.

Q. Considering the way it's playing right now, if it gets firmer, faster, do you see plus being the winning score here?
JUSTIN ROSE: Is there only one guy under par?
Q. Two. Angel Cabrera and Nick (Dougherty).
JUSTIN ROSE: I thought today was pretty soft and with relatively easy pin placements and only two guys under par so if it does firm up and you get Sunday pins and what have you, I fully expect over par.

Q. You're happy, though, all in all? I know you just got off the course but you take this round?
JUSTIN ROSE: All in all I'm right in the hunt, right in the ballgame from the word go, there's three rounds to go, but it's a good, solid start.

Q. The USGA said they wanted to make sure the course was the same on Sunday as it was on Monday of the practice rounds, consistency being the key. They can't help what Mother Nature pumps down on us, but do you think they're doing a good job with that?
JUSTIN ROSE: Definitely I think the course has played pretty well through practice and it firmed up Wednesday, before that thunderstorm it had gotten firm, so I'm not sure exactly what the plan is, whether it was to keep it firm all week or soft all week, we shall see, but I can only imagine it's going to firm up a touch.

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