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June 14, 2007

Richie Ramsay


RICHARD RAMSAY: It was a lot of fun out there today. The course made it even better, the way it's set up. And the crowds were great. I didn't find them a problem at all.
I just had a great time out there, but obviously I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I played well and I didn't do that.
Some days when you're struggling, you need to just hole a few putts. I hit some really nice shots and you've got to take advantage of that. I kind of learned watching Tiger and Geoff how you get around the golf course and take that into tomorrow and try and put a good score on the board.

Q. You said yesterday that having played with Phil at Augusta, that experience would help you today, but playing with Tiger many have said is unlike anything else. You were really in a fishbowl. Talk about what experience is like.
RICHARD RAMSAY: I think after playing with Phil, it was good, but there is no kind of substitute for Tiger, because he's a unique player. Could possibly be the best that ever played the game. Everybody wants to see him. Everybody wants to come have a piece of him and see how he plays golf and how he gets the ball around.
Obviously he's loved -- well, he's loved by the media but the media are always there and they always seem to be one step ahead of him. It is difficult, but it doesn't bother me today. I think the more you play with Tiger, the more you get used to that. But for him I think it's just an every day occurrence. It's just like me going to Aberdeen and playing, but he comes and plays in front of 10,000 people just every day.
It's a great experience, but I think the more people there made the atmosphere better. I think I enjoyed it a bit more from that. When people come out to watch, you always want to do your best. Unfortunately I didn't do that today. It's not far off but I just have to work a bit harder on it.

Q. How remarkable that Tiger is able to play under that kind of scrutiny?
RICHARD RAMSAY: I think probably you appreciate his mental strengths when you're watching them from afar. I think when you're inside the ropes, you realize that it's far greater than you ever imagined. You know, playing courses like this, playing them every week, it takes a lot of mental strength to do that. He's world No. 1 for a reason because probably his mind is so strong and his game is there to match it.
It would take a lot to handle that week-in, week-out. That's probably the reason why he doesn't play as much. He's got a wife now and he's got a child on the way. You can't fault him for not playing all the time but when he does, it's great to watch, and it's a joy for me to be inside playing with him.
End of the day, I concentrate on my game and just try and take it step-by-step and I'll wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Q. Did you talk about anything?
RICHARD RAMSAY: Just a couple of chats about -- just brief things. I think around that golf course, it's difficult to sort of give up a moment and relax. It's just friendly out there. Everyone I think wanted each other to do well. You know, we hit good shots, and just very polite.

Q. Were you a little more nervous than usual at the first tee?
RICHARD RAMSAY: Probably, yes. I feel that it's like -- you guys probably watched Jack Nicklaus play for years and win a lot of majors. Teeing up with him, you'd be nervous.
I'm the same. Tiger is probably not -- maybe not the guy I modelled my game on but certainly you look up to and admire a lot. You would love it to sort of follow in his foot steps or anything he's done.
I was nervous on the first tee, but I think there would be something wrong with me; I'd have to be a robot not to be nervous on the first tee, playing with the defending champion and the world No. 1 in the U.S. Open. I just didn't play the way I've done in the last few days, and it's disappointing, but at the same time I had great fun out there.

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