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June 12, 2007

LeBron James


Q. How did you feel about what happened on the final play?
LEBRON JAMES: On the three-pointer? We had to go for a three, we were down three points. You know, it went in and it came out.

Q. To follow up, what about the push in the back from Bruce?
LEBRON JAMES: No, incidental contact.

Q. Excuse me?
LEBRON JAMES: Incidental contact. It didn't affect my shot. I had a good look at it and I missed.

Q. With about 15 seconds left you spun into Duncan, gave it to Varejao. Were you expecting to get it back on that play and make another move, or what was your thinking on that?
LEBRON JAMES: Oh, absolutely. I had been aggressive in the fourth quarter. I was definitely going to get it back from Andy, but Andy made a good move. He just over-shot it. I definitely wanted to try to get a good look at it or give my teammate a better look at it, but it was just miscommunication.

Q. Seventeen turnovers for you in the first three games. You're only shooting about 35 percent. Is it their defense that's causing this, or are you just having off nights?
LEBRON JAMES: Well, tonight was definitely a couple. I didn't think that went my way. I had an offensive foul, but I didn't think that was a foul. Their defense was definitely good, and they're definitely making me work for everything I do.

Q. Can you just talk about the situation you guys are down now, 3-0, and just what kind of mentality you have to have at this point?
LEBRON JAMES: Well, everybody has to still believe. You know, it is the first of four games, but we dug ourselves a big hole, and we have to come out aggressive and just continue to play hard. We gave ourselves a chance to win tonight and that's all we can ask for.

Q. Is it one of those things, don't listen to what history says?
LEBRON JAMES: Absolutely. We can't live on history, but at the same time we have dug ourselves a big hole, and we know that. We have to come out and try to win four straight games.

Q. Do you feel you've imposed your will on this series? It seemed a lot of times coming off the picks that it's there and you're still going left to right when you don't drive. Do you sense that at all in these three games?
LEBRON JAMES: This is all about them. They played very good defense. They played elbows and boxes and if I'm coming off someone that's there and I have to swing the ball to a teammate or I come off a pick-and-roll and they're there again. It's all about me not trying to force anything and to try to go for it when I can. I did a good job of not forcing it tonight, got into the lane and missed a couple bunnies that rimmed in and rimmed out. Definitely I found some creases tonight.

Q. How unexpected was Bruce Bowen's offensive play tonight?
LEBRON JAMES: It was definitely good for them because Manu struggled, Tony struggled, and Tim Duncan didn't shoot the ball well from the field, so Bruce definitely kept them in the game in the first half hitting three big threes, and defensively he's very good. So he definitely helped them.

Q. Coming off your Eastern Conference Finals experience, did you think that it would actually be this tough? Are you surprised? And I guess, how would you sum this up so far, your personal experience?
LEBRON JAMES: I'm not surprised on how tough it is. I kind of envisioned it being tough. I think the Eastern Conference Finals was tough, and I knew it was going to pick up another level. I think our team senses that, also. You know, the experience factor, we don't like to make any excuse, but it definitely played a part in this Finals against a world power team in the Spurs.

Q. Can you just talk about the discipline that the Spurs showed at the defensive end with you when you guys screen roll, post, repost, get the ball back to you at the top and there's still two guys shading you and another over the top?
LEBRON JAMES: Definitely. I think Coach Pop and their defensive staff has put in a great defensive plan against me. Any little crease I find they're still having guys coming over me, and if I do finish they make me finish over bodies. I really expect that and I love the challenge. It's fun going out there and seeing different defenses and trying a pick here and a pick there. You've got to give all the props to the Spurs and all the props to Coach Pop and his staff. They've done so far a wonderful job.

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