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June 9, 2007

Angela Park


DANA GROSS-RHODE: You had a great round today, congratulations. You had four birdies no bogeys. In this wind what kind of accomplishment is that?
ANGELA PARK: It gives me a lot of confidence going into tomorrow. I hit the ball extremely well today -- extremely well to my standards. Just tomorrow go out there and hit the ball as well as I did and hopefully play a lot better. Looking forward to tomorrow it's going to be a lot of fun.
DANA GROSS-RHODE: Let's go over your scorecard.
ANGELA PARK: Pitching wedge to 20 feet.
No. 8, 60-degree to six inches.
13, rescue to about five feet.
15, 16-yard chip shot and 60-degree to three feet.

Q. Any nerves at all today, and any anticipation of what it will be like tomorrow?
ANGELA PARK: I wasn't feeling any nervous out there at all today. I was really confident with my swing and really confident with my putting. I'm a little nervous for tomorrow but whatever happens tomorrow, I'm going to be happy either way. Just go out there with a smile and relax and play some golf.

Q. How much golf have you played with Na On?
ANGELA PARK: I think I've played one rounds with her.

Q. You didn't grow up in Korea obviously, but have you played any golf with her anywhere else?
ANGELA PARK: I think I played in a tournament round here with her in America.

Q. So you don't know her at all?
ANGELA PARK: I know her. I say hi, how are you, but I'm not really close friends with her, which is good. Because you don't want to go against your friend. (Laughter).

Q. What does it say about the fact that if you two were in the last group tomorrow, two 18-year-olds?
ANGELA PARK: The younger you are, the better you are? No, just kidding.
I don't know. I mean, obviously she's been working hard and I've been working hard. So I think tomorrow it really comes down to who is more patient and more confident and who is the calmer one, the more experienced one.
And obviously I'm not very experienced and she's not very experienced. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. Obviously there's a lot of veterans out there, and you is Suzann Pettersen and Karrie Webb. Everybody is in contention, not looking too far ahead, just looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Do you have any sense about how historical this would be after 18-year-old Morgan Pressel wins Nabisco and another 18-year-old wins McDonald's LPGA?
ANGELA PARK: Oh, it would be great. Obviously it would highlight women's golf which would be great.
I don't know, as I said, we never know what's going to happen. So I'm a little nervous right now.

Q. Michelle Wie has brought a lot of young girls into the game and you being just a year older or two, I don't know, how would that influence -- would that bring more attention to young girls that, hey, golf is pretty cool?
ANGELA PARK: I hope so. I hope a lot of younger -- when they look at us on TV and go, "They are only 18, I can do that." I hope they look us to us as models and pick up the game.
DANA GROSS-RHODE: Thank you all. Angela, great round, good luck tomorrow.

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