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June 9, 2007

Sasha Pavlovic


Q. Could you talk, offensively speaking, the way the Spurs are defending LeBron? They come in with a double and triple-team, meaning that one or two other players are going to be open, and you guys didn't really hit your jump shots the way you probably should have in Game 1. Will you try to look more towards hitting that jump shot maybe towards the back board a little bit in Game 2?
SASHA PAVLOVIC: Yeah, we're just going to have to try to move it out, the ball, and foul LeBron, because any time you double-team LeBron you know he's going to pass to us, so we have to try to create something, either jump shot or try to get it to him, whatever. Just we have to make it easy for him because if we make a couple jump shots, a couple drives, it's going to spread the floor for him. It's going to be easier for him.

Q. Do you think that was really part of the problem, pretty congested in Game 1 and you guys weren't really able to take advantage of the situation?
SASHA PAVLOVIC: Yeah, we can expect that they're going to double-team him. But at the same time, we have to get every loose ball because the last game they had a lot of expected shot opportunities and we didn't get any loose ball in the last game. That's how we lost the game.

Q. How important is it when they're doubling and tripling him to get in there and take more shots and be more aggressive?
SASHA PAVLOVIC: It's very important. Like I said, it's just going to be easier for him if we make a couple shots. They're going to have to adjust to that and they're not going to be able to double-team that much if we make shots. We're just going to have to do that.

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