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June 8, 2007

Karrie Webb


DANA GROSS-RHODE: Let's start with your scorecard.
KARRIE WEBB: I started on No. 11. I hit a wedge to about 15 feet.
14, I hit -- what was 14 -- I think I hit a wedge in there, a wedge to -- yeah it was a wedge, 15 feet.
15, I hit 3-wood on the green to about 25 feet and 2-putted.

Q. How far was the 3-wood?
KARRIE WEBB: 195, so I'm not sure.
Then I missed the green left with an 8-iron and didn't get it on the green. Then when I eventually got on the green, I had a 20 footer and 2-putted.
5, I hit a 5-iron to ten feet.
7, I hit a 7-iron to about five feet.

Q. What did you do on 5?
KARRIE WEBB: I hit a 5-iron to ten feet and then a 7-iron on 7 to five feet.

Q. What were the two shots that it took you to get to the green when you missed left with the --
KARRIE WEBB: What were the two shots? Well, I short-sided myself. I was in pretty deep rough and I just didn't -- I didn't hit a very good shot. Didn't get it on the green. So I was still short-sided. Then I had a worse lie than I did the first time. And I just got on the green and 2-putted.
On 8, I hit it through the back of the green and didn't hit a great chip shot and 2-putted from 20 feet.
DANA GROSS-RHODE: You're still at 7-under, one shot off the lead, what kind of mental focus and grit did it take to play in the heat today?
KARRIE WEBB: Well, obviously it was pretty hot today. You know, I don't think it really worried me. I tend to like playing in hotter weather than colder weather. My body seems to appreciate that.
So, no, I swung the club very well today. I only missed three greens again and you know, had a lot more -- actually had a lot more opportunities today than did I yesterday. So I really feel like I left a few shots out there.

Q. Were you frustrated?
KARRIE WEBB: It's a little frustrating because that's what I've been going through for a while now. But the fact that I am seeing some putts go in obviously is encouraging and the encouraging fact is that I'm only one shot out of the lead.
So I'll just keep working on the same things. It just feels like early on in the round, I have had that good feel and then with what I'm doing with my putting, I tend to -- it seems like I lose it a little bit as the day goes on.

Q. After that double-bogey at 3, how important was that par save on the next hole to keep your round going? That was rather spectacular.
KARRIE WEBB: It was really important, I think especially playing the next hole which is a difficult hole; to get that up-and-down was pretty crucial I think.

Q. What side did you miss it on?

Q. I wonder your opinion of you is Suzann Pettersen as a golf player. What's your opinion of her?
KARRIE WEBB: You is Suzann has always had more talent in her little finger than a lot of people out here. It's just been a matter of time before she started playing the way that she is. She's got a good swing, a really good ball-striker, and, you know, she's putting it all together right now.
So it's not something -- obviously she's had a few injuries, too, which have caused her not to perform to her ability. But I think it was just a matter of time getting healthy and I think she changed coaches and I think that was a good thing for her.
You know, she's reaping the rewards of her hard work now.

Q. So you're not too surprised that she's in the lead?
KARRIE WEBB: No, not at all. She's played very well all year. Obviously she's got a lot of confidence right now, so generally when someone is playing as well as she is, it's not a surprise to see them up there.

Q. This is only the third year you've played here, but is there enough course knowledge and good memories on your own part to make a run this weekend?
KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, I think so. I shot two rounds in the 60s pretty easily I feel. So, you know, another couple of rounds like that would definitely give me a good shot.

Q. When you got into the Hall of Fame and your game started coming all the way back together and you started seeing results and things like that, have you set any other goals for yourself for the rest of your career; number of majors, any numbers, anything like that?
KARRIE WEBB: No. I think to put a number on majors or wins, it either limits you or you set it too high.
I guess I feel like I have the ability to be if not the best player in the world, one of the best players in the world. You know, ultimately, that's my goal for the next few years is to work hard and let my ability prove to people that I am capable of that. And then just to really enjoy the game a little more. It's hard to enjoy it when you're not playing well; you know, days like today, not to be too hard on myself and enjoy the fact that I am swinging it well and that I have a chance to win another major, which is always a good thing.

Q. Without sounding too vague, what would you say drives you?
KARRIE WEBB: To be the best I think. Like I said, I think I'm capable of that, so it's not something that before I was No. 1 in the world six or seven years ago, it was something that I thought about all the time. But for me now, it's not something that I wake up and think about every morning. I just know that if I put all my ability together for a period of time that, you know, it's good enough to be the best or close to it.
So that's, you know, I guess along the way you've got to get yourself into contention to win tournaments and then to win tournaments and you know, that's what it takes care of being the best or what-have-you, it takes care of itself. I'd just like to be up there with the Top 3 or four players in the world for the next three or four years and then see where things are.

Q. How much are you building off of last year, and also with the idea that it's going to be very unusual for someone to hit the kind of shot that Se Ri hit to beat you last year; you said earlier in the week that you felt you didn't lose the tournament; are you building off of last year, and also knowing that if you play well, it would be very unusual to lose that way again?
KARRIE WEBB: Well, I guess you can't really think about how the tournament is going to end Friday afternoon. But you know, I would hope that I play well enough this weekend to at least give myself that sort of opportunity again.

Q. Is there a big difference scoring-wise?
KARRIE WEBB: It's weird because it depends on -- it depends on the day for me. Yesterday I said the back nine was the harder nine, but today I played that better than the front. They are pretty even.
There's a couple of par 4s on both nines that are pretty tricky. And I guess the back nine -- well, the back nine, there's one reachable par 5 is the wind is not blowing, so I guess the back nine probably tends to play a little bit harder. If the wind is blowing, neither of the par 5s are reachable.

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