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June 7, 2007

Adam Scott


COLIN MURRAY: Adam, thank's for joining us, 3-under par 67, tied for the lead. If you can just give us a few brief comments about your round and we'll open it up to questions.
ADAM SCOTT: I was very happy with my round today, obviously. It was a little tricky in the wind but, I think, you know, I putted pretty nicely. I made a few putts from around the 10, 12 feet range and kept my round going, so very happy with the round.
COLIN MURRAY: Okay. Go ahead and open up to questions.

Q. With the way the conditions were and the rough start you had early, how important was it maybe for you to bounce back there on No. 3?
ADAM SCOTT: It was nice to get those two shots straight back. I wasn't too worried after making a double on No. 2 because something like that would probably happen today in the wind. It was probably a little stronger when we teed off.
But it was nice to get it straight back and try to get moving in the right direction. The main thing was not to compound the problem and keep going in the wrong direction.

Q. Right now it looks like the total number of folks under par could maybe not even reach double digits. Surprising or are you just happy at this point that you are among those that managed to get under par?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't think it's that surprising because it was pretty windy all day today and I kind of figured that unless the wind blows, the course is open for good scoring. But the greens were tricky. I mean they're not very big and the pins were in quite difficult positions today overall, I thought, so add the wind into that, you've got a tough day.
COLIN MURRAY: Adam, do you mind going through your birdies and bogies real quick before we finish up?
ADAM SCOTT: Yes. No. 2, 3-wood in the long grass, chip out into the rough, a lob wedge into the bunker, bunker shot to ten feet and missed the putt; double.
No. 3, driver and a 6-iron and 18 feet, eagle.
No. 4, I hit a 7-iron in the greenside bunker and didn't get up and down.
No. 6 is 3-wood and a sand wedge and 12 feet.
No. 10 was a 3-iron and 7-iron and maybe a 20-foot putt.
No. 13 was a driver, wedge and a 12-foot putt.
No. 16 was a driver, 2-iron, a chip and 12 feet.
COLIN MURRAY: Alright. Any other questions?

Q. If the wind settles down, you like the way -- your position with the early tee time tomorrow, do you think you might be able to get a little bit of space or with the field as such, you just try to stay where you're at?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it all depends on the conditions. If the wind is not blowing in the morning there's a good chance for me to go and get into the red numbers and make the guys come out in the afternoon and have to try to chase a little bit.
There's that opportunity, but I take it a shot at a time right now. There's 54 holes to go, plenty of golf to play.

Q. The week before a Major, how much are you just trying to fine-tune your game for what's to come and how much are you trying to win this thing?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I need a win, there's no doubt about that. I just think, you know, other than winning, the reason I'm here is to stay fresh and stay competitive. I like that feeling of going from Sunday night here to only waiting three days to play my next competitive round. And the more that I'm in contention the better I'll be served I'll be in contention next week at the U.S. Open.
My goal here is to get myself in contention and, you know, deal with the nerves and pressure of coming down the stretch.
COLIN MURRAY: Alright. Anything else? Alright. Adam, thanks for your time, we appreciate it.

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