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June 7, 2007

John Daly


Q. How about the conditions out there? It obviously looked pretty windy. How much did it affect play?
JOHN DALY: It's survival today. You never could get going because every hole is impossible. There's only two holes downwind, the other holes are cross winds.
This course, as tough as it is, with the new greens and everything, but it was hard to pick a club. All of us were struggling a little bit. It was nice to run five birdies off in a row and get some confidence in the putter, which I haven't had in a long time.

Q. Are you happy with where you are after day one?
JOHN DALY: After making triple bogey on my third hole ,even doing that, I could have kept it under par. It's just playing hard. Just trying to hang in there is all you could do today.

Q. How's your shoulder?
JOHN DALY: Couple weeks, yeah, letting my shoulder rest. We popped it back in as soon as I got home from Atlanta. Haven't really done much. Played a couple times; chipping and putting a lot. It's nice to go hit the ball halfway decent. No matter how good I hit it today, it's got -- you've got to get under par. That's how tough it is today.

Q. With the wind?
JOHN DALY: Really, the wind is supposed to come in tomorrow. Hopefully will be the same wind, be somewhat used to it. If it changes and blows like that, it will be hard.

Q. As hard as it is, would you rather have the wind or not have it?
JOHN DALY: Either one. You know, it really doesn't matter. Everybody has got to play it anyway, so, you know, hopefully the wind won't stop blowing this afternoon.
And I've been getting the injuries and the bad draws. I go out in the morning, the wind is 30, the next time you go out and the wind stops. They say it all changes. As long as the wind continues, it won't hurt my feelings.

Q. John, lots of things about the field and a lot of the big names and stuff this year. You always get a draw. You always have people following you. Talk a little bit about the support of year-in, year-out for you out here.
JOHN DALY: It's always been great here. It is home. Arkansas is my heart and Memphis, I've been here since '89. It's great to have all the fans and the support come out and watch me play year-in and year-out. It does put a little more pressure. Shaun Micheel can say the same thing. It does add a little pressure because you want to do so well for everybody. We just go out and play and hopefully do the best we can.

Q. Do you have feelings about the changes in the sponsorship?
JOHN DALY: No. FedEx, they did an unbelievable job, Stanford just bumped it up.
Wasn't that sweet on 18? I've never seen anything like that. I haven't seen a professional sport, pro football team, baseball team have anything nicer than that. It's unbelievable what Stanford has done.
They went out and got some players and wanted to make sure that they have a strong field. You have some of the Top 25 guys in the world play this week. We haven't had that in this tournament forever. It's because of Stanford.
I think the guys that hadn't been here, when they see how hard this golf course is and how good the greens are, a lot of them will come back because this is the best shape I've ever seen Southwind in.

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