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June 6, 2007

Chris Phillips


CHRIS PHILLIPS: It's really disappointing. To come this far and be that close, makes it even harder, and see the Stanley Cup on the ice and see them celebrating, it's tough.

Q. Do you think they're a better team?
CHRIS PHILLIPS: On the score board, it showed that way. We really did feel it. We could have been a better team. Showed it at times, just not consistently.

Q. You and Ray tried to do that 100 times; it wouldn't work out, so an unlucky play?
CHRIS PHILLIPS: Yes. It does happen a lot of times. You pull the puck out to go the other way, just got up in his feet, and we saw that and couldn't get it back.

Q. Can you describe (indiscernible) the teams get close?
CHRIS PHILLIPS: Like I said, the hardest. Obviously, you have high expectations and fall considerably short, but when you get close to it and can't grab ahold of it.

Q. You probably answered this; what's the immediate feeling after a game like that?
CHRIS PHILLIPS: Just - I don't know.

Q. (Question off microphone)?
CHRIS PHILLIPS: Yes, good word.

Q. (Question off microphone)?
CHRIS PHILLIPS: I can't say exactly. They played really hard. It didn't take away too much from what they wanted to do, and it's certainly a tough task. And then it's the Stanley Cup Final. As I said before, felt like we did okay at times, and everybody was there for us. We just (indiscernible) and certainly, they played hard the entire series every game.
And congratulations for them.

Q. (Indiscernible) What was the support for you either after your own goal or after the game?
CHRIS PHILLIPS: A little bit, yeah. I felt bad, obviously. (Indiscernible) not time to do, that's for sure. They could tell I didn't want to say too much.

Q. Is it disappointing (indiscernible)?
CHRIS PHILLIPS: We got behind right away with the power play goal. It's tough tonight. Playing tonight. I mean, we were right there. Really, I mean, we had a great, I don't know, second period there. My screw up seemed to, obviously, take some momentum away. Then they get another lucky power play; gets deflected off their shin pads.
So we worked hard tonight. We had some chances. We worked hard. A lot of character in here.

Q. (Question about win in Ottawa)?
CHRIS PHILLIPS: You have a series to go. They win at home ice, win the first two games. Supposed to go back and win our home games. Game 4 was a tough loss, a chance to even up the series, you go down 3-1, and you can't give up anything the rest of the series. Chances tonight. They got some lucky bounces and that's the end of it.

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