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June 6, 2007

Daniel Alfredsson


Q. Just first of all, what was said amongst all the players after the game?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: Just the manager came in, said they should all huddle up, we should be proud of what we achieved, and then I think it's kind of hard to take in right now because it's very uneasy. It's hard to get all the way there. We played our best and they were a good team and we didn't come up to our level of play that we could. And it's very hard right now.

Q. After this, did you have any reason in your mind that Anaheim was able to win this series in five games?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: It's close. We look back at Game 1. We had five-on-three for a minute and a half. We don't put it away. They win it in the last few minutes of Game 2. And they just found a way to win the close games as we have in the past. That was the difference.

Q. As far as the end of the game, the handshake line, when you passed Niedermayer, what did you say to him?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: Congratulations. (Indiscernible) very tough (indiscernible) forecheck on me numerous times get beating the first guy, relieving them of pressure. Kind of carried the team, I think.
Extremely (indiscernible) no question. Today we didn't get off to a good start. Right away, they get the lead. Try to come back in the second. We got some momentum. We lost it right away. And I think they had more depth than us in this series.

Q. (Question off microphone)?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: Tough (indiscernible) we didn't play our best (Indiscernible). They (indiscernible) were just the better team.

Q. (Question off microphone)?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: But that's the way it goes. I don't think we, as a team, had our game going at all. And when you don't win games as a team, then it's a lot harder for the individual to find as well. So it goes hand in hand.

Q. Capitalize the momentum out there, after both of your goals, that was tough.
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: Yeah, I think, especially after the second one shorthanded, and then they come back and pull right away. Took away all our momentum. That's what we've been so great at the playoffs, and it seemed like they feel better than us at this series.

Q. If someone would have told us two weeks ago that you would (indiscernible) the Ducks, what would have been your reaction?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: I would have thought you were a fool.

Q. Why is that?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: I think we felt we were going really good going into this. We couldn't get our forecheck for whatever reason. And looking back, especially the last two this year, our impatience, we wanted it too much, wanted it too bad and tried to force things. They played real well defensively. They sit back with three, four guys, sometimes the forecheck hard. And it's the defense that wins them the Series.

Q. Did you talk to Phillips there in the second and what went through your mind after that?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: (Indiscernible) there's nothing you can do about it, and, obviously, he takes it harder. He's a tough person. But it's just a tough break, and I feel bad for him after that. It's an incredible year for us. Those things happen.

Q. (Question off microphone)?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: Congratulations. And he's a heck of a player in the league. Played real well this year. I think one of the reasons they got their forecheck thing going. Big guy relieving pressure.

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