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June 5, 2007

Daniel Alfredsson

Chris Phillips

Jason Spezza


PHIL LEGAULT: Questions.

Q. I'll direct this to Chris. In the first few rounds of the playoffs, you guys were really strong in the one games, one goal game, what's been the difference in those types of games in the final compared to the first three rounds.
CHRIS PHILLIPS: I guess the outcome, we don't have any different thoughts or playing any differently in this round as opposed to previous rounds. We just haven't been successful.

Q. Jason, you've had so much success this year and the team has had nothing but success since about Christmas and even in the early playoffs, and now there's not any success, and for you personally, I know you're working, but it's not happening. What's it like trying to come to grips with turning this thing around and turning it around pretty quick here?
JASON SPEZZA: Obviously, it's frustrating a little bit losing tight games, not scoring maybe as easy as we did the first couple of rounds. We are working.
But we have no time to really think about it, we have to turn this thing around. It's not going to come easily, but we have to just maybe quick analysis of what's going on and try and get right back at it tomorrow and try to bring it back home for Game 6?

Q. Daniel, the shot at the end of the period that hit Niedermayer, regardless whether it was intentional, Randy said it struck a cord with his players. Did you get the sense it may have motivated them a bit in the third?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: No, not at all. I don't think so.

Q. To anyone here, Daniel or Chris, is there still a belief that this team has the ability to turn it around? It hasn't looked like it's still there, to turn it around. In particular, I'll say the first period last night, which was an exemplary first period, then two terrible periods, seems to fade in and out?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: I don't think if our third was terrible; I don't know if I would agree with you there. But there's no question, we know we're in a tough one. It's not going to be easy. I'm sure there's not a lot of people that believe we can do it.
But yesterday was very tough after the game. But today, I think on the flight here, we were upbeat and we have nothing to lose now. We're going to go out there tomorrow and try to bring it home to Ottawa again for Game 6. There's no question that we believe we can do that.
We're going to give it everything we have. And we'll see what happens.

Q. There are nine of you guys on the team that were in 2003 against the Devils in a similar position down 3-1, forced a Game 7. Can you draw on that experience at all and what was it about that series, what was it about that team that allowed you to come back against the Devils that time?
CHRIS PHILLIPS: I guess we can in the fact that our goal back then was to win Game 5. And that was our only thoughts to go, and like Alfy said, lay it all out there. We can't be worried about the results. Just go and play as hard as we can and hopefully they'll take care of themselves, and we'll have another game to play and take it step-by-step, instead of looking at the big picture here.

Q. Jason, throughout the first three rounds, you guys had a ton of success with getting everybody involved. Has it just been this series, too many passengers in this series for Ottawa right now, not everybody competing hard enough?
JASON SPEZZA: No, I don't think there's too many passengers. They do a good job of taking the momentum out of the game a lot of times. Maybe that shows that we can't generate a forecheck and cheat the defenseman back. I don't think passengers is a problem on our team. I think we're in this together. We've gotten here together. We've gotten ourselves down 3-1 together and we can get ourselves out of it. But it has to be together. We don't think there's too many passengers.
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: It definitely hurts when you've been winning. Everybody is going to be questioned when you're not winning and we'll accept that and we'll try to win more games.
PHIL LEGAULT: Thank you.

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