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June 4, 2007

Jason Spezza


Q. You came out in that first and second period.
JASON SPEZZA: We had a great first period and got away from doing things, and we had a shitty second period, and they took advantage of their chances.

Q. What happened in that second period? Just dominated completely to being completely dominated?
JASON SPEZZA: We made some mistakes. We took the puck over. They capitalized on their opportunities. We didn't do a good enough job getting it over on their end.

Q. Can you talk about the opportunities tonight? They don't have Chris Pronger; the home crowd had a chance to tie it up?
JASON SPEZZA: Obviously, we would be better off 2-2. And we had a big opportunity tonight to even the series, take momentum, and we didn't do it.

Q. How big a hole is this?
JASON SPEZZA: It's a big hole, but it's not something that's insurmountable. We just have to worry about chipping away one game at a time. We can't worry about trying to win the series. We have to try to worry about winning a game first.

Q. Is this a confidence shaker?
JASON SPEZZA: Confidence shaking, maybe a little bit frustrated; I don't think our confidence is shaken.

Q. Can you explain why you guys haven't been able to generate as much as you have pretty much the whole year offensively?
JASON SPEZZA: They're doing a good job blocking a lot of shots, making it hard for us to get chances. Not really an explanation.

Q. You got a good start, weren't able to sustain it throughout the course of the game?
JASON SPEZZA: Could have been 2-3-0. Then we had a shitty second period. They capitalized on the opportunities every time they seemed to get one.

Q. Dany seemed to get off (indiscernible) have a scoring touch back?
JASON SPEZZA: We weren't too worried about Dany's scoring touch. Nice to see him score a goal but nice to be scoring in a win.

Q. How do you guys try to lighten the mood and become more positive in this particular - the body language says it?
JASON SPEZZA: We just gotta watch the tapes and try and figure out what we have to do different and do better and just try and win hockey game first.

Q. What's the most frustrating part of their game, what frustrates your team?
JASON SPEZZA: Well, they do a good job of clogging it up. They have five guys back all the time and they really just wait for turnovers and are pretty good defensively.

Q. What's the mind set now or the mood? I know it's -
JASON SPEZZA: The game finished five minutes ago. We're just pissed off that we lost this one.

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