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June 2, 2007

Ryan Getzlaf


RYAN GETZLAF: We knew we weren't going to win this Game 1-0, not with the team they have over there. They battled the way they wanted to at home and we didn't. And we just need to get ready for Game 4 now.

Q. There's a lot of weird calls and whatnot tonight and the bottom line is you blame yourself more than anything?
RYAN GETZLAF: We can't blame anybody else. We're the ones out on the ice. We had some two lapses in things tonight and it cost us.
We didn't score a goal in the zone with four guys on the ice. I don't know if anybody knows it, but it wasn't exactly our shining moment and we'll take that under our belt and go for Game 4 now.

Q. What did you think about the one goal, the Alfredsson goal kicking it in?
RYAN GETZLAF: I mean, that's a tough one to comment on. From where I was, I agreed with the ref on the ice. I thought he was in a good position. Obviously, the league has a lot of other camera angles, and they overturned the call. We have to live with it.

Q. You guys responded a big way without Chris Pronger in Game 4 of last series. What if you guys are in that same scenario on Monday night?
RYAN GETZLAF: We'll deal with that.

Q. (Question off microphone)?
RYAN GETZLAF: They came out, they played hard. They are forechecking like crazy. And they gained momentum from each other and built on certain things. And we kind of sat back and allowed them to do it. You've got to give them credit.

Q. (Question about borderline calls)?
RYAN GETZLAF: I'm not going to complain about the reffing. We didn't play well tonight and we didn't play well enough to win. We had a chance to be in a hockey game tonight and we let it slip away.

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