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June 2, 2007

Daniel Alfredsson

Mike Fisher

Bryan Murray

Chris Neil


Q. Daniel, was that the emotional level that you were looking for that was missing for your team?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: The crowd helped us out, no question. We got a lot of more shifts in there than we had previously. And like we've talked about, that's the way we're going to create some chances. And it's nice to do that.

Q. The old Senators would have had the wrath if they wouldn't have stayed and quote, unquote fought back in a series like this, physically and nastiness wise. Do you think you answered that question as you have the other series that you've dispelled previous doubters?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: I didn't feel we need to answer that question. But I think we can play physical. We can play with the puck, and I think we can handle most situations. So it was character game today because we came behind a few times, but came back with timely goals.

Q. What was the last 24 hours like for you emotionally?
CHRIS NEIL: It was like a roller coaster ride, waiting in line especially at the hospital. But just my wife is a trooper and it was amazing. I can't say enough. I knew where I had to be. It was amazing. And that's - you can't put words behind that. You just watched your baby being born.
I can't say enough about it.

Q. What's the baby's name?
CHRIS NEIL: Hailey. So when you give me a gift Alfie (laughing) -

Q. How much do you think it had to do - you guys were criticized in Anaheim for getting a little too cute, that you just did the simple things to get the pucks to the net.
MIKE FISHER: I think we were maybe getting frustrated, trying to force things there. We slowed things down. We're a puck possession team. Seemed like the first couple games we were chasing too much. Tonight we played a little more with the puck. Making smarter plays in the corner where we could get it. I thought we cycled and battled and got pucks to the net and played with a lot more edge and obviously more competitive.

Q. Wonder if one of you could address what the feelings were like on the Pronger hit on McAmmond?
CHRIS NEIL: You see that kind of stuff a teammate go down. You don't like to see it. The elbow on the head. So you feel for your teammate. You just want to go out, you want to play that much harder for them. It was kind of like the same hit Patrick Eaves took a blow in the first series against Pittsburgh. I think we regrouped and bounced back and won the game for him, too. So I think the guys knew what we had to do. We had to go out and play hard for Dino, and we did that and we showed that we're a competitive team.

Q. Daniel, a lot has been made, of course, about your line in the first part of the series. Can you talk about how important it was tonight to have contributions from obviously the guys here with you, but other guys throughout the lineup, maybe less, smaller profile guys?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: Every line played real well today. I think as a team we needed to have a good effort and we got some big shifts from Fisher's line, Kelly's line with Neil and those guys. Cycling the puck, got a goal. If you do that you'll be successful, no question.
And it was nice to see.

Q. Daniel, I'm just wondering about your thoughts on that goal. First it's called back by the referee. And they go upstairs, long wait, it's called a goal?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: I felt it was a goal all along. I think from the ref's position, he thought it went off my skate. I don't think it was kicked. But to me it felt I never kicked the puck, never lifted my foot. I was confident it was going to be a goal. At the same time you never know. But it felt like a goal.

Q. Any of the three of you guys can answer it. But came back 0-2, now right back in it. Describe the emotional change in taking it in the first game here?
MIKE FISHER: We're obviously excited. We're disappointed obviously about the first two games. We knew we'd get a boost being back home in front of our fans. Before the game we could hear them going nuts. We were confident, we knew we could put out a good effort and beat this team. We're back right at it two nights, and another win and we're right back at it. We're on our way. We felt we played well tonight.
We know how we can beat this team now. That kind of gives us a little boost, obviously.

Q. Mike, I just wanted to ask you what you thought of the Pronger hit. Did you think that was a clean hit?
MIKE FISHER: I didn't see it, actually, very clearly. But everyone on the bench said it was an elbow. I didn't see the replay. But they said it was an elbow right to the head.
So got him pretty good. And looks like he should be hopefully okay.

Q. Did either Chris or Daniel, did you get a good look at it? Did you see it?
CHRIS NEIL: It's a quick game out there. Everyone was all over me about the Drury hit. Things happen in high tempo. Try to be clean as possible. We seen it in the last series with him on Holmstrom, he had an elbow to the back of the head. He's known for that. So I think the league will probably review it and hopefully they call something on it.
FRANK BROWN: Thank you, gentlemen.

Q. Curious about the Pronger hit on McAmmond and what if anything should need to happen?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: It's not what needs to happen. It was an elbow to the head. I saw what happened when a Detroit player got hit like that. He was out. I can't for the life of me understand how it was missed by four officials. Dean was knocked out. I don't want to say anything because I don't want to complain, because I get accused of complaining.
So I think it was an obvious call.

Q. Do you think that Anaheim was trying to do again tonight what other teams had tried and failed to do, which is rough it up a little bit? And tonight you finally - you had to step it up and force the issue a little more than you had?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: Well, that's their style. I mean, they battle hard with the goaltender. They take the body real well. I know lots of these players. They're big, physical people. That's their game plan. And it's not just tonight, it's every night. I thought we handled it well.
We got some pucks to the net finally, and we found a way to win a hockey game.

Q. As to the character of your team, the Ducks went up three times every game, sucked the wind out of your sails, your guys came back. Is that a statement for this year?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: This group got beaten up a little early in the year. We've said that many times. They've gotten beaten up in some individual games. We've hung in, hung in, played well. Obviously it's only one game.
But I really like the way we responded. We got the power play goal and from there we did a real good job of taking off and playing disciplined for the most part and getting some goals that we needed.

Q. The last 24 hours Chris Neil was out you probably knew he had a huge game in him?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: When I went into the room I said nobody should be in the starting lineup other than Chris Neil but we have to get linemates for him so his line will start tonight. He really rewarded us with effort, great attitude and getting the goal was a big bonus for us.

Q. You were by the bench in trying to get an explanation from the officials. Did you get one at all on the hit and do you have an update on McAmmond?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: He's okay now. Like he's come around now. I don't know what the state will be going forward for a little bit of time.
They told me to go stand behind the bench. That was the explanation pretty much I get.

Q. Three more to go. How do you keep it going?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: Well, we've won more. Monday night we have to play another hockey game here and play well. And try to get this thing in a position where when we go back to Anaheim we can compete real seriously for a series lead. But we have to worry only about one game and that's what I told the guys prior to the game tonight.
Just no matter if we had won or lost, I was very nervous when we had two games to nothing in the couple series. I was less so tonight. I thought our guys would come out and play and climb the hill. And it's one step.

Q. Just your thoughts on the second, third, fourth lines tonight, all the battles that they won?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: I thought again our fourth line was one of our better lines through two periods. They gave us energy. They didn't get a lot of ice time. They played hard. Got the puck in deep. But that's what you have to have to win in this league now.
And we've talked for two games about the big line or Spezza line and the other lines have stepped up. Mike Fisher has been really good through the series. Kelly line was good and as I mentioned McAmmond line was real good for the most part. And that's how you have a chance.

Q. The shift before the Neil goal, Schaefer and Comrie had that huge cycle down low. Can you talk about how important that was?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: Again, getting the puck deep against that D, it's really difficult to start with. And when we got it down there, I thought the two of them played real well around the net.
We didn't get a lot out of it, other than lots of work and lots of energy and the wear and tear on everybody's body. But we had a couple of chances right at the latter part of the shift and then we scored later.
And I think you just build for that. You hope that you can get some momentum through people working hard for you. And there is carry-over.

Q. What did you say to the team between the second and third periods and did you reference the first game in the series at all?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: No, no, I didn't. We talked about how we had to play. We had a little bit of a different game plan going in and trying to stick to it. And positionally be sound.
And don't - just play D. You're allowed to go and try to score another goal, get the puck in deep and I thought we did an okay job there.

Q. You were really livid after the McAmmond hit and there were four officials on the ice, didn't really feel like you got a good chance to bounce off. Can you once more reply on it?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: Again, as I said, I thought it was a fairly obvious one. I'm behind the bench. I'm prejudice as hell. I protect my player if I can. But I saw it.
And I couldn't understand why someone didn't see it. I was trying to talk to the linesmen. They're - I think in the five-minute call if they wanted to be involved they could be. But I guess I've been around too long. Nobody listens to me anymore. (Laughter). I didn't get any explanation.

Q. Do you make any changes for Game 4 on Monday night?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: We have to decide where Dean is at this point in time. He could be a question mark. I won't know that really until I get a chance to talk to him and the doctors.

Q. Have you thought of bringing McGrattan in?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: I always think about it. Every night in warmup I pat him on the back and say be ready. But I haven't thought that far ahead.

Q. Can you talk a bit about Mike Fisher being kind of an inspirational leader for you tonight and in the series for you guys?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: He's a character guy without a doubt. His energy every night his determination to get pucks down to his speed carrying the puck. I mean he's a great example. We talk about the captains and that and very definitely a character player. Very important player and a leader on this hockey team as well.
And, again, his line gave us some energy and he was a big part of that.
FRANK BROWN: Thanks, Coach.

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