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June 2, 2007

Rod Pampling


Q. Rod, terrific way to finish. I'm sure you feel good about your position?
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, it's always nice. That was the goal for today was if not to be in the lead, be very close, and fortunately we put a nice little buffer.

Q. And bad weather tomorrow, they're going to try to get it done by 3:00. Your mindset, and are you expecting nasty stuff tomorrow?
ROD PAMPLING: I haven't really looked at the forecast. We were a bit busy this afternoon. It is what it is. We've been out here enough now to know that the delays are going to happen, and you've just got to be patient with it and not get frustrated, just go with the flow.

Q. How comforting is a buffer when you're going into the final 18?
ROD PAMPLING: It's always nice. It definitely -- it allows for maybe one, maybe two hiccups out there. So it gives you a little bit of a freedom. But obviously we have to still be aggressive tomorrow. If we can make three or four birdies, then the guys behind have to make a really good score.

Q. Just as easy to gain birdies here it seems as it is to give them up in some instances?
ROD PAMPLING: Well, the way the golf course is playing, yeah. We haven't had a lot of breeze out there, so it's pretty susceptible to low scores.
That's where you have to be still aggressive out here. It's not the typical golf course this week. It's been giving a lot of birdies. While doing that, you have to still be aggressive and try and make your share.

Q. It didn't really, until the end with a couple of shot swing there, prior to that, it looked like everything was going to stay pretty tight without anybody really taking off today?
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, I obviously took off. There was a lot of guys come from behind, shooting 7-unders to try to get there. But it was just a late birdie round. I think it was 14, 15 and 18 for myself, which obviously gave me that little buffer.

Q. Winning this tournament, getting this title, is it still special on TOUR, that it's a cut above?
ROD PAMPLING: Definitely, I think you have the majors, and then you have the invitationals, and then with Jack's name attached to it, he makes it special. It would be nice to have that one beside Arnie's.

Q. You've been in the winner's circle before. Does that give you a little more calmness about you maybe tomorrow?
ROD PAMPLING: You know, obviously the records there, you would hope you win, but you're not thinking about that out there. You're just playing as the course is for that day. You know, you know what the situation is out there. There's enough leaderboards out there to know what you have to do, and that's basically just, as I said, go with the flow and do what we have to do, and hopefully that will be good enough.

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