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June 2, 2007

Adam Scott


Q. Long day, just talk about the day and where you find yourself now.
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I didn't really get it going out there on the course today. I struggled with the pace of the greens a little bit. I just didn't have it rolling out there. You know, the few chances I had for birdie didn't really make them, so I never really got any momentum.

Q. Still striking distance, though?
ADAM SCOTT: No, I'm happy. I mean, the last hole was pretty disappointing because that was a two-shot swing obviously. 3 back makes it a little harder tomorrow. But the good thing is we're out in threes and I'm still playing with Rod, and I'll know what's going on so I can put the pressure on hopefully.

Q. Are you prepared to -- whatever you did today (inaudible).
ADAM SCOTT: It's pretty hard to back up a 62. I didn't play that badly the last three holes, but ordinary I have to say. No, it's pretty hard the way I played. I didn't make any putts, I didn't do anything special. But the last three holes were a bit scruffy.

Q. Are you prepared for bad weather tomorrow?
ADAM SCOTT: I guess so. What are we looking at, rain.

Q. Rain, maybe delays.
ADAM SCOTT: We're used to it here now unfortunately. But I think no matter what, it's going to require a lot of birdies to win this thing tomorrow.

Q. This is the kind of course where anything can happen. Bad things can happen pretty much as easily as birdies seem to happen. So a three-shot lead --
ADAM SCOTT: No, you're never comfortable unless you're on the last tee with that. That can be a big turnaround. A hole like 15 is an eagle opportunity, but you can make a big number there quickly, as well, with a bad shot. You've just got to stick with it. I've just got to try to hang in there to give myself a chance coming down the back nine.

Q. Quick turnaround for tomorrow, I guess?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, that's all right. I'm happy with that. I'm looking forward to it. The main thing is we get it in tomorrow.

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