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June 2, 2007

Will MacKenzie


Q. Congrats.

Q. First thing, talk about, we talked to you a couple days ago and you were talking about being on the leaderboard and having a chance to make a splash, and you go out today and confirm that. What did that mean to you to do that?
WILL MACKENZIE: It felt great. You know, I know I'm swinging well, so, you know, just the sky is the limit when you're swinging well.
Yesterday was just a tough day. I played pretty well, and then I just gave it all away at the end, or gave three shots back.
You know, I knew I wasn't discouraged, I just said, you've got great tempo, you're swinging the putter well, just go out there today and take advantage of it. It's great scoring weather, and things happened to go my way. I hit good shots, and I got a break or two out there, and there you go. I shot a great round.

Q. We talked a couple days ago also that sometimes this tournament has had a winner where people walked in that week and people didn't know his name, didn't know much about him.
WILL MACKENZIE: Like who, Carl Pettersson? I always thought he was pretty pure (laughter).

Q. It's an opportunity right here to do something pretty unique?
WILL MACKENZIE: You know, there's a great opportunity out here every week. You know, I just want to play well. I want to try to solidify myself as a good player out here and just do the best I can and just let it go.

Q. The notion of moving day, now as we look at this leaderboard, the top guys aren't necessarily running out with it. Everybody is coming out, and it looks like there could be a huge logjam, and that could be the story, that we're headed to Sunday with a big logjam. Are you still not real worried about position on that leaderboard?
A. Yeah, I'm not worried about where I finish up today. It is what it is. I'm going to -- just going to go out there and try to play to my spots out there, try to play to my strengths, try and attack when I have a great shot in. First and foremost get the ball in play. Whether Adam and those guys finish at 15 under, 17 under, I'm just going to go out there and give it a ride, hopefully play great.

Q. You may be in one of the final groups tomorrow. Is there any difference for you as far as your approach and how you'll do or how you'll feel?
WILL MACKENZIE: Just give me some more time. I'm sure I'll have some huge butterflies, I'll be a little bit scared. Once I get going out there, I'm sure I'll be totally fine. I'm sort of down with all the guys out here. I like them. Once you get inside the ropes and start going around, everybody sort of is a little bit more easy, and then of course it gets intense at the end. I would be really excited to be playing in one of the final groups, of course.

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