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June 2, 2007

Daniel Alfredsson

Bryan Murray


PHIL LEAGULT: Questions for Coach.

Q. I just wanted to know, can you update us on Chris Neil, if everything went well with him?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: He's a father. He's happy. He was in this morning. He went through the video that he missed out on yesterday. And he's ready to play.

Q. What can Alfredsson do to be more effective tonight?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: Get the puck in scoring position once in a while and put pucks to the net. He's got to get some help. I don't think there's an individual player in this league or very few of them that can do it himself.
I think it becomes, in particular this time of year when everybody is playing great defense and working real hard, you've got to have a line going. And then you have a chance to be a productive player.
So it's Jason and Dany and Alfy have to be doing what they do all playoffs with the exception of a game or two.

Q. How long do you stay patient with that?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: As long as I want. But thanks for the question.

Q. How do you approach the mind set of Randy trying to match lines, and do you try to counteract that if he wants to short shift guys, do you just deal with it?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: We have to deal with it. As I said yesterday, I think there are times in a game, if you win a face-off in the offensive zone, you get the right matchup for the 15, 20 seconds, that's what you expect.
After the puck gets out of the zone, he's going to get a chance to make the line change. And he'll do it. But our guys have to handle that as well. We have to do a better job in our building.
I mean, we know Sammy Pahlsson, Rob Niedermayer and Moen real well. We have to play well against them. Better against them than we have out there.

Q. You talk a lot about the defensemen of the Ducks, All Stars, you have one on your side Wade Redden. Do you expect more from Wade?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: Yes, I think he'll play better. I thought Game 1 he was okay. Game 2 he wasn't as good. I thought they got in, did some good hits and did some real good things against them, but he's got to play as well as he can play.
But that goes for our team. I think if you went through the list of players on our team, we had a number of guys who played okay. And we had a number of guys that didn't play the way they had played earlier in the playoffs.
So we expect that they will step up and do a little better job.

Q. It's been 80 years since there's been a Stanley Cup Final game in this city.
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: Wow (laughter).

Q. For you being from here, does that mean more coming into the building tonight?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: I can tell you this, I had many opportunities to talk to Frank Finnegan, and he told me lots of these stories, as us old-timers tend to do, we like to tell stories. And he used to do that some years back.
But I don't remember the 80 years. Almost, but not quite. And I hope it means a lot for our players that the fans of today are really supporting them.
And as I went around the city in the last day or so, there are a lot of people that really like this team, like what's happened with this team and will support this team. And I think they'll respond accordingly tonight.

Q. Question about face-offs. I know you're not pleased with what happened last game. Is it more than just the guy riding that circle? What has to happen to get control of the puck?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: Well, their wingers jump real quick and support their center. And ours haven't responded quite to the level that we have to. And I think it is more than that.
I think you can't lose a face-off clean because you can't get any help at that time. But if the puck is dropped and there - and you can just battle the stick of the other guy for a short couple of seconds, you should get help.
And once in a while it's like battling on the wall. Once in a while you should win that battle for puck possession. And we've got to get more help.

Q. Can we expect any changes to your lineup tonight?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: In names, no. We'll go with the same lineup. But we may have to juggle a couple of people around at some point.
PHIL LEAGULT: Thanks, Coach.
FRANK BROWN: Questions for Daniel.

Q. What can you do to be more effective tonight?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: I think puck possession coming over here. It's been one of the things we've been successful. So try to control the puck a little bit more.
I said yesterday, too, that we were spread out and when we did dump it in, we couldn't really get it. We were too spread out and didn't support each other.
And come more together with the puck, and I think it will be easy for us to make good decisions.

Q. Back in November, when you guys were having a tough time, seems as though you guys were facing a lot of adversity, and all of a sudden like turning on a switch you guys really turned it on. Can you draw on that at all right now?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: I think what you can draw is that we know we can handle adversity. And I'm sure tonight we're going to come out and have our best effort. There's no question. And that's what we're looking at, one game here. If we can win tonight, we'll see what happens after that.
Yeah, I think we know we can be better, and that's a good feeling.
FRANK BROWN: Thanks, Daniel.

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