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June 1, 2007

Bubba Watson


Q. How was it out there?
BUBBA WATSON: Long, long day. It seems like every round that we have on the PGA TOUR gets longer and longer. It's sad to see that because fans don't want to see that, either. No, it's fun out there. I played well. Just when we started slowing down, we had to wait on every hole, every shot, coming down the stretch, I lost focus and just kept making a couple bad decisions.
I hit the ball well, though. I trusted everything I did today, so it was positive on that part.

Q. I know slow play is not fun for anyone. Does that get frustrating?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, it's boring. If I was a fan, I'd hate that. I'd think, man, this is terrible. I'm going to watch it for a little bit and go home.

Q. How do you speed it up?
BUBBA WATSON: Penalty shots. Fines don't do anything, but a penalty shot can cost you a tournament. Or if you miss the cut you don't have a chance to win the tournament anymore.

Q. You always seem easy come, easy go. Is this aggravation for you?
BUBBA WATSON: No, it's one of those things where I don't matter, but to the other plays, the other guys that are trying to keep their card and play well, I'd like to help them out. Me, I'll be able to find a job somewhere.

Q. At some point you sent your caddie up the tower at 15 during one of the delays. Was there money involved there?
BUBBA WATSON: No, I don't have enough money to give him. It's one of those things in a practice round, my last round last year my last caddie wouldn't go up there. He said he'd go up there if I hit the fairway. I said I'm probably going to miss the fairway. We've got to do something else. He said I'll go up there right now if you'll let me. I said go ahead. He was nervous. He was shaking up there.

Q. When it's slow sometimes, do you ever go through your head, maybe I'll fire one across the bow and hurry them up?
BUBBA WATSON: I'd love to.

Q. What do you think it is about you had a very good round yesterday, a great round today, had it really going at one point. Anything in particular you like about here that has allowed you to shoot that low?
BUBBA WATSON: The fairways are a little bit more generous than the other tournaments, and so for somebody like me who hits it long and sometimes crooked, most of the time crooked, it's fun for me because I can hit a lot of irons out here and try to hit it in the fairway. That's probably the biggest thing. Just it's wider where I hit it.

Q. The bogeys at 15 and 18?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, 15, the greens -- it might just be me putting bad, but the greens seemed like they got a little slower later in the day, and coming down the slope on 15, I three-putted, and I had a 30-footer, 40-footer down the hill and I left it six feet short. Normally down the hill that's a treacherous putt. Then on 17 I did the same thing, I made the comeback.

Q. You're carrying the American banner on the leaderboard. How excited are to get a chance to go into the weekend with a legitimate shot at this thing?
BUBBA WATSON: It's fun. There's about half the field that wishes they had that shot. They're all going home. It looks like I'm going to play with Aaron Baddeley and me and him are real good friends, so it's going to be fun. Hopefully the crowd will be behind us.

Q. Is anybody else going to go low this weekend?
BUBBA WATSON: Hopefully Scott won't go low again. The conditions are right. As long as there's no wind, a couple times the wind today played a little part in what you're going to do, what club to hit, but if you're rolling the ball right now, you can make some putts and shoot low, and that's obviously what he did. I didn't see any of his round.

Q. The average age is under 30 if you talk about the Top 10 on the leaderboard; it's a younger set. The last two that have won this haven't had a whole lot of tournament wins, Pettersson a younger guy, but there's not a whole bunch of wins between the Top 10 there. Could be a free-for-all here between the younger set?
BUBBA WATSON: Adam Scott is pretty good. I don't see him as being one that's trying to get his first win.

Q. He's got like a third of the wins.
BUBBA WATSON: What is he, third in the world? Tiger Woods has most of the wins, so it kind of takes away from -- half the tournaments the younger guys have a chance to win if Tiger is not there. Aaron Baddeley is coming on strong. He's like No. 26 in the world or whatever. So it's not really a free-for-all.
These guys are still going to play good, and I'm just hoping I'm there. I'm hoping on Sunday y'all still want to talk to me. That would be good. Adam Scott, he's not one that's going to shoot 90-90.

Q. You're chasing a bunch of Aussies, there's three or four at the top there. I don't know if they had a chapter meeting last night and decided, hey, we're going to take this place --
BUBBA WATSON: They're trying to take over the world, I think. They keep playing good.

Q. I don't know if they're all from the same town, but Pampling and Scott and --
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, Pampling can get on a roll, though. At Bay Hill, what was it, last year when he won, he can fire some numbers up there real quick because he's got a pure swing and he can roll the ball pretty good. That's obviously what he was doing the first two days.

Q. Obviously you like to play faster, but what is a perfect amount of time for you getting a round of golf in?
BUBBA WATSON: Back home it's usually about two and a half to three hours in my game I play with my guys. We get in a cart and I tell them to hurry up. When I'm playing at home I don't take practice swings or nothing. I just stroke it and get out of there.

Q. You probably play pretty well?

Q. You're a pro player, you know?
BUBBA WATSON: I break 80 every once in a while.

Q. You chased that putt on 16. Were you fearful that that wasn't going to go?
BUBBA WATSON: No, I hit our mark that we wanted to hit, and luckily it went in.

Q. Did you hear the chants behind 14 when they started chanting?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, it's fun. Either they're doing it and they like it or they're doing it just because they've been out here a long time is a nice way of saying it (laughter).

Q. Did you leave the driver in the bag quite a bit?
BUBBA WATSON: No, just normal. You know, there's a lot of holes out here that are iffy to hit driver, and a lot of guys hit 3-wood. Camilo is a long hitter but he hit 3-wood a lot. Everybody takes their chances when they can. For two days I hit driver on 11. All last year I didn't hit driver on 11. So far it's worked out. I've got two birdies there.

Q. Tomorrow going in, your mindset, and do you have a number in mind to get you -- that you feel like it's going to take to keep you in contention Sunday?
BUBBA WATSON: No, if I could do the same thing I did, I'd be at 20. If I could play the next two days like I did the first two days, that would be pretty good. But today I had a number. I just wanted to get to 10. I wanted to get to double digits, and it worked out. But tomorrow I'm going to try to stay focused and be committed to every shot. Even on 18 there when I hit it over the green, we planned the shot, and I just hit it over the flagstick, a couple feet too far and it cost me.

Q. You're going to get a late tee time --
BUBBA WATSON: Good, because I'll be able to sleep.

Q. You're going to just have to -- the mindset, stay patient now?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, and hopefully some putts go in and Scott doesn't keep playing good. He can play good but just not as great as he did today.

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