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June 1, 2007

Aaron Baddeley


Q. Well, how was it out there, good round, good day to score again?
AARON BADDELEY: Yeah, I played nice today. The breeze actually got up for a while there and then sort of died down just a little bit towards the end. It was a day you had to be sort of patient a little bit just because of the wind. But I was very pleased. I played nice.

Q. So you're in contention now. Any kind of mindset now? Do you have a number in mind tomorrow?
AARON BADDELEY: I mean, who knows? Who knows what the weather is going to do. I'm going to go out there and keep doing what I'm doing. Just got to keep it in the fairways, hit fairways, hit greens, make some birdie putts. That's all you can do.

Q. Big Aussie invasion. Did you guys have a chapter meeting last night and decide you were going to take this place?
AARON BADDELEY: Yeah, there's a few of us up there right now. Adam obviously played amazing today. 11 birdies, that's pretty impressive. Obviously Pamps is up there and playing great. I guess the firm greens and the firm fairways and the greens are fast, sort of has some similarities to Australia.

Q. But really it's not so much just everybody is from the same country, it's really just more these are elite players; Adam obviously emerging and Rod has been around for a long time. Is that really the issue, guys just happen to be from the same place and are just playing well?
AARON BADDELEY: Yeah, I guess down there you play a lot of different courses, tough conditions, so you sort of get to grow up playing all types of courses so you get a lot of experience on how to play well on different courses, so it doesn't really scare us. If the greens get hard and fast, that's quite normal for us.

Q. Obviously you're competing against those guys, but they are countrymen. Is there a little pride when you see that many guys from Australia doing this well?
AARON BADDELEY: Yeah, I think it's great seeing Aussies doing well. You always sort of pull for the Aussie guys because you feel they're countrymen. I always enjoy watching them play and stuff like that. It's great.

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