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June 1, 2007

Nick O'Hern


NICK O'HERN: It caught the lip of the bunker and rolled all the way back to the back of the bunker. I was just trying to figure out a way to get it out. I knew if I got it to the back of the green it would come back, but I couldn't figure out a way to get it there. I figured I'd chip to the front of the green and make my bogey and that'll do.
And then so I pretty much would make double down that way, so I might as well make double down this way, so I'll give it a go. I picked it up like it was buried and hit down as far as I could, and it somehow popped up. It was a matter of trying to get it over the lip, and somehow I did it. As soon as it started rolling back, I thought, this looks good. It was a complete fluke.

Q. You'll take it?
NICK O'HERN: It's the best golf shot of my life. Actually, no, it was the second best. I've holed one to win a tournament before, so that was the second best.

Q. How was it out there today?
NICK O'HERN: You know, I actually played all right. I had a very strange round. I shot 74 but I felt as though I could have easily shot about 4-under. I had about four or five holes where the ball just went about ten meters further than I thought it would, and I racked up probably four bogeys and a triple bogey in those five holes.
I hit the shots I wanted to, I just didn't have the distance control for some reason. The ball seemed to be going an extra club further. It's a shame because I played quite well.

Q. Was the course any different today than yesterday?
NICK O'HERN: A little firmer, which is what I was hoping for. But the score wasn't what I was hoping for, but I played how I wanted to. You know, some days you play as good as you can and 74 is the best you're going to shoot, and that was what happened today. I played well, so I'm happy.

Q. So far the Australians are doing very well at this tournament. What's going on?
NICK O'HERN: Well, we're all good players, that's what's going on. Come on. Scotty is like Top 5 in the world and Rod is having a good year. I see they've shot a couple of good rounds. I'll look for them on the weekend, and hopefully I can shoot a good score tomorrow and get back in.

Q. You beat Tiger twice in match play and now you're stealing a page out of his play book with that shot. What's going on?
NICK O'HERN: I've been fortunate enough to play well whenever I play him. That one was just a complete fluke.

Q. Did you really -- I mean, obviously you were trying to convince yourself on that practice swing. What did you think your odds were of just getting it over the lip?
NICK O'HERN: I thought worst case, don't hit it into the cameraman at the back (laughter). Not the best swing thought, but I thought, okay, I'll play this where if anything I'm going to fat it and it'll hit the lip of the bunker and come back in and I'll get up-and-down for bogey. If it gets out over the lip, so be it. Hopefully we'll get lucky. It was a 1 in 1,000 shot there.

Q. At what point did you start thinking like it could actually go in?
NICK O'HERN: When it was about five feet short. It kept rolling and rolling, and I thought, this can't reach the hole, it can't come all the way back, and it did. My caddie went nuts. He was giving me a bear hug.

Q. What did he say?
NICK O'HERN: He just said it's the greatest shot he's ever seen.

Q. Are you going to buy everybody a drink?
NICK O'HERN: Yeah, maybe after Sunday if I win.

Q. Why did you take the option to the right out of the next --
NICK O'HERN: Well, the way the lie was, it was virtually almost impossible to get it up over the lip from where I was, and in the end I just manufactured something. I could have quite easily have thinned it or fatted it or shanked it, so --

Q. The thinking was the worst case it's a bogey, whatever way you go, so you might as well try for the back?
NICK O'HERN: Well, the worst case was double, and I thought if I go to the front of the green I could quite easily still make double, so what's the point in doing that? We might as well have a go at it and hope to get lucky. I think I'll go and buy a lotto ticket now.

Q. You mentioned the bunker shot you holed to win a tournament. Describe that shot.
NICK O'HERN: That was the end of last year, the Australian PGA, it was the fourth hole of the playoff with Peter Lonard, and I was in the back bunker. It wasn't a difficult bunker shot, but just sort of splashed it out, rolled in to win the tournament.

Q. What did he say after that?
NICK O'HERN: "Well done."

Q. That's it?
NICK O'HERN: No, Pete is not a man of many words. He congratulated me. He's won that tournament, I think, a couple times.

Q. How long was that?
NICK O'HERN: Oh, it was probably about a 15-yard bunker shot. It wasn't that difficult a shot. It was more the situation. In that case if I go too long it was going in the water, so I hit a pretty good bunker shot.

Q. So that one was more important?
NICK O'HERN: That one was more important. This one was ridiculous (laughing).

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