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June 1, 2007

Brittany Lincicome


Q. (Recording started) what was it like to win that event, what it meant to you to win that event, a top shelf event, you know, that format, which really takes a lot out of you.

Q. Tell me what it was like to win or have that as your first win?
BRITTANY LINICICOME: That was phenomenal. I felt like I played the best golf that I played in a long time at that tournament. You're trying to take it one match at the time. I never took one of my matches for granted, especially when my first match went 19 or 20 holes.
It was kind of stressful through that match. I was like, Gosh, I got make it through the first round at least. And then to come out on top to beat the players that I beat, knowing their backgrounds and everything, it was just phenomenal. I couldn't believe it.

Q. Were you intimidated at all standing in the presence of say a Juli Inkster. I mean, you grew up watching Juli Inkster and there she is mano a mano.
BRITTANY LINICICOME: For sure. Just because they had been more experience. They had been in that situation before, especially Juli. You know, final round it felt like 18 holes to go winner-takes-all-type stuff.
Luckily match play is one of my most favorite things to play. I can be more aggressive and I can go for the Par 5s. It's changed my game a little bit, which is good for my game anyway. Luckily I got up early and never trailed.

Q. That was my next question. The match play element. Had you had a lot of success in match play in junior events?
BRITTANY LINICICOME: We did a little bit. We did Canon Cup and then the Junior Solheim Cup were the two big match play events that we had.
So definitely had played it quite a bit growing up, so just that experience helped me quite a bit.

Q. You had good success with that?
BRITTANY LINICICOME: I did for the most part, yep.

Q. (Indiscernible)
BRITTANY LINICICOME: You know, I guess I did, but I don't remember. I can't tell you about this golf course today and I just played it for two hours. I have a terrible memory.
I hear I've already played it before, so hopefully just get there, play my nine holes on Monday, nine holes Tuesday, and then go from there.

Q. Then off you go. Different mindset for you going into this year's event as a defending champion?
BRITTANY LINICICOME: No. I don't think it's as maybe hard this year because they changed golf courses. If it was the same golf course maybe it would be a little bit more pressure on me.
But now that we've changed golf courses it's a whole new ball game. That golf course is set up so good for my game.

Q. How is your game right now?
BRITTANY LINICICOME: It's good. I was struggling with driver on the range this morning.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
BRITTANY LINICICOME: Yeah. I mean, I took the week off or the week after or whatever. I took a week off and just regrouped and everything and tried to figure out when we needed to work on and tried to capitalize from there.

Q. What are you working on there?
BRITTANY LINICICOME: Take away. Always take away.

Q. Even the superstars have the Achilles Heel.
BRITTANY LINICICOME: Yeah. I think that's take away.

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