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May 31, 2007

Flip Saunders


Q. Flip, late in the game and in both overtimes LeBron was able to drive right inside and get to the rim, why do you think it was so easy?
COACH SAUNDERS: We tried to get the ball out of his hands, trap, and he pulled it back out and we came back and we didn't rotate over. I have to look more at the film. We wanted to trap and get it out of his hands as much as we can, but he did a very good job as far as coming into the trap, dribbling out of trap, you know. They rolled hard, we went to try to cover people and he reattacked.

Q. Flip, you guys have had some tough losses over the years, but can you put into perspective what a loss like this means?
COACH SAUNDERS: It's a tough loss, you know, I think from a perspective of fans, it's probably a great game to watch; great game for the winning team and a very disappointing loss for the losing team. And, you know, the message was that, you know, we've been here before and we've got to regroup and get it done.

Q. Flip, in Game 1 LeBron passes the ball late in the game, in this game he seemed to attack, attack, attack, every time. How much do you think Game 1 and the criticism he took maybe affected his play he took tonight?
COACH SAUNDERS: I don't think it affected it at all, I think he saw more lanes, and he attacked those lanes. He was in a zone tonight. He made some phenomenal shots, I thought the shot he had in front of our bench to tie it up when we were up three, off to the left and going up, he was in an unbelievable zone.

Q. He scored 25 straight, 29 of the last 30, is there anything you could have done --
COACH SAUNDERS: Like I said, we tried to trap and get it out of his hands, and he got it out and reattacked, and we'll have to take a look and definitely we're going to have to do something different next time, there is no question.

Q. How much did losing Dyess early change your rotation plans? What were your thoughts on what happened?
COACH SAUNDERS: It hurt because he's played so well and given us so much energy and he's one of our better defenders, as far as pick-and-roll.
But I thought Maxie played well and Webb played well, and we had good energy for most of the game.

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