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May 30, 2007

Chris Pronger


Q. So far your team has succeeded in taking their best players out of the series, no doubt about it.
CHRIS PRONGER: Well, you know, we obviously want to focus on that top line and our checking line has done a great job of Sammy, Robbie and Travis, you know, being physical against them. Making them work inside on the puck and making them play defense. It's the best way to counteract offensive players.

Q. Will it be more difficult in Ottawa with their last line change?
CHRIS PRONGER: Absolutely. It always is. We've kind of done our job. We've won our two home games, and let's face it, you're supposed to win your home games. Now it's in their court.
And we're going to expect, obviously, a tougher environment in their building, and certainly their crowd will be behind them and cheering them on. So it will be a difficult atmosphere for sure.

Q. Chris, playing in an environment like you did in the last series against Detroit and in the Joe, will that help going into Ottawa where it will really be crazy obviously?
CHRIS PRONGER: Always helps. Vancouver was pretty loud too, as was Minnesota. All three of our series have been in pretty raucous buildings. But this being the Finals, they'll step it up a notch and really be loud. We can't let things like that affect us. We have to enjoy the atmosphere and just play our style.

Q. Giggy had more stops on five-on-threes in the playoffs than five-on-fours. Can you speak to is it a pick-me-up like tonight when he comes through on a five-on-three?
CHRIS PRONGER: Absolutely. You gain a lot of momentum on that from Giggy. Got scrambly there around the net for about five or ten seconds, but he had some great stops again, and certainly when he's playing as well as he is right now, he's tough to get by.

Q. Was the game - obviously you're tied for just a few minutes to go, they have been in both these games (indiscernible) what about the importance of just when the other team is still in the game and you're able to pull it off?
CHRIS PRONGER: That's playoff hockey. They're going to be tight games. Two evenly matched teams battling against one another. We were fortunate to get enough bounces tonight. And enough rubber past, and all it takes is one to win the hockey game. And obviously he played well on their net, gave them a chance all the way down the stretch.
Giggy came up two good stops to keep the shutout and we're obviously looking for more of that in Ottawa.

Q. Chris, in a game like this, (indiscernible) being a hero tonight (indiscernible)?
CHRIS PRONGER: Probably coming into the third period. We knew if we just continue to play the same way we were and getting pucks in deep, playing physical. Cycling the puck. We were creating a lot of chances and just getting traffic in front we were bound to get one by them.
And it was on a little bit of a different play. But we'll take it nonetheless.

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