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May 30, 2007

Jason Spezza


Q. Frustrated offensively when you're not able to generate?
JASON SPEZZA: Definitely didn't generate much opportunities, when we did made some big saves, good chance to get out early in the game. We didn't. The rest of the game we were chasing it a lot.

Q. Can you talk about the last play when they got the goal and you guys (indiscernible)?
JASON SPEZZA: Just a little bounce over the stick, skate by, Pahlsson pulls up, makes a great shot through the D screen. It's just a good shot.

Q. Jason, sort of flat, your line isn't getting anything done here. You guys lost two in a row. Is there some pressure on you guys to start making something work here?
JASON SPEZZA: Obviously, we're the (indiscernible) we've been scoring to this point and we're expected to score goals. It's not lack of effort. We're trying. We're getting pucks. We did a little better job of getting pucks on net and deep today. We didn't score those early goals. We know we have to be better, though.

Q. Jason, what's going on out there that's - your (indiscernible) rolled for three rounds and it's not rolling this time?
JASON SPEZZA: You got the answer, let me know and I'll put it in the play next game. No, we gotta watch the tapes. We gotta figure it out. We gotta try and cycle a little more, and we gotta win two games at home now. We put ourselves in a tough spot. We know our line's got to lead the way.

Q. What about the officiating? Seems like from upstairs there's a lot of hacking and whacking going on that wasn't for three rounds. Are you seeing it on the ice?
JASON SPEZZA: It's a chippier game, but as long as we know what's being called, then we can play the game accordingly. And we just have to kind of go out and just work through it. And there's going to be a lot more to go this series, and it's a change from the first three rounds. But you gotta deal with it.

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