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May 30, 2007

Daniel Gibson


Q. Daniel, talk about how important this Game 5 is to you guys to come up quick against Detroit.
DANIEL GIBSON: Yeah, it's very important. This is a very big series for us and we know that. I mean, they're coming back home and I know they're going to have a lot of energy, a lot of intensity, I know that the crowd is going to be behind them, but we're looking forward to accepting that challenge and going out and playing big.

Q. You got a lot of people shaking their head right now in amazement as a rookie for your performance the last couple of games, talk about your aggressiveness going to the hole.
DANIEL GIBSON: Yeah, I just try to go out there and be relentless, whether it's going to the basket or playing defense, or whether it's diving on the floor for loose balls, I just try to give it everything I have and try to help my team win.

Q. What kind of leader would you describe LeBron as? How has he helped you? Is he like a mentor, a big brother?
DANIEL GIBSON: He's the best. I really look at him as a big brother, just the way he handles it. I love everything about him. The way he tells you things, you really don't get down on yourself; it's all motivational. Just everything about him is great. It's amazing to see how he's such a great player and a great person all in the same package.

Q. When you were on the court I think you were pounding your chest and you were in the back there, did LeBron say something like, you know, either congratulations on the play or was he telling you to tone it down a bit?
DANIEL GIBSON: No, he really didn't say too much about that play. He knows that sometimes I get a little emotional, but he knows that I'm just out there having fun and enjoying the game.

Q. Webber gave you a rough shot, do you expect to get more rough treatment in Game 5?
DANIEL GIBSON: Probably. My lip's hanging now a little bit. I know those guys, they're tough competitors, so I know if I go into the basket they'll probably put me on my back, but I'll get right back up and go again.

Q. Do you think winning tomorrow depends on whether you guys have success in the third quarter?
DANIEL GIBSON: As far as me us being better in the third? I know that's big for us. That's been our Achilles' heel. We play pretty good through the first, second and the fourth, but if we can put together a nice third quarter, it might make the game a lot more even.

Q. What do you think is happening in terms of energy level, because I know the Pistons are coming out very strong but the energy level of you guys, everyone in the locker room last night (inaudible)?
DANIEL GIBSON: Yeah, it's kind of tough. I'm not pretty sure I can put my finger on exactly what it is. I think we are a team that really needs to buckle down in that third quarter and get better at it, but we are just hoping that we come out this time around with a lot more intensity and hope things change for us.

Q. Is it a similar situation to last night where you have to be ready to start but Larry perhaps starts and comes off the bench?
DANIEL GIBSON: I'm just coming into the game, yeah, with the mindset of just getting ready to get out there and play. Whether I play ten minutes or 30, I'm just going to go out there and give it my all.

Q. You're unveiling some things in your game that we haven't seen, that you're more than just a spot-up shooter?
DANIEL GIBSON: Yeah. I know this time of year teams have a scouting report on you, and I know teams think that I just shoot three-pointers, but I really think I have a lot more to offer as a basketball player, getting into the paint, getting my teammates shots.
So you definitely want to pull out everything that you have in your arsenal around this time of year to win games.

Q. Daniel, the Piston backcourt has always been so consistent throughout these playoff runs, I'm sure you feel good about what you've been able to do to contain them, but isn't there a part of you that's expecting that the more games you give them, the more chance they're going to break out?
DANIEL GIBSON: Yeah, Rip and those guys, we're definitely ready for them to have a big game but at the same time my approach is going to be the same; continue to go after them, continue to make every shot they shoot very tough and just continue to play them hard.
We know that those guys are great guys and eventually they're going to start making the shots, and do the things they do, but as long as we continue to play them hard, I think we'll be fine.

Q. What has been happening over the last 24 hours? Has your phone been ringing off the hook and your e-mail, have people been saying "hey, man, you're my boy now that you're getting some love?"
DANIEL GIBSON: I got a lot of phone calls after the game, but it's kinda been cool. I enjoy it, just knowing that the city of Houston is behind me, where I'm from, and everybody is pulling for me, and it really feels good to know that everybody is in my corner.

Q. Did you have to turn your phone off so you can concentrate?
DANIEL GIBSON: No, I like it ringing. (Chuckles.)

Q. Daniel, what are the top two things that LeBron has taught you?
DANIEL GIBSON: Preparation, the way that you prepare yourself mentally for the game. Also going out there and enjoying it, not letting the moment, you know, overwhelm you, just get out there and have fun with it and take it in stride, and in the end just try to win, just do whatever it takes to win the game and you'll be fine.

Q. I know you weren't here last year but how much are you taking your cues from what he does in the fourth quarter, his aggressiveness, his attitude?
DANIEL GIBSON: Yeah, I mean his passion for the game, I think it goes -- it runs through everybody. When you see a guy with that much passion, and wants to win, and he wants to win that bad, it really rubs off on the rest of the team and you can see the way everybody goes out and prepares for the games. By him being that way, it really helps us a lot.

Q. Daniel, how did you get your nickname?
DANIEL GIBSON: It's something that my mom gave me. When I was little I liked to play with the big guys, and I used to get beat up a lot, and I used to come in the house crying and so she kinda called me "cry baby booby," it all kind of ran together.

Q. Why are you so comfortable in this setting? It's been three, four days in a row where you've had the spotlight on you, you seem to --
DANIEL GIBSON: I love it. (Laughter.) I just like to have fun, smiling, have fun, that's my whole thing. It's really great to have this opportunity, and it's all a blessing and I like it.

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