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May 30, 2007

Tayshaun Prince


Q. What's going through your mind?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Get a win, bottom line.

Q. Tay, as you look at the last game, can you talk about the things that went wrong down the stretch, things that are atypical of happening to you guys during the game?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Just got to take care of the offense better. We had some good defensive stops down the stretch and didn't capitalize on them and we usually do.

Q. You've been good with when a team give us you a small guy, you're going to take him down the floor and score, what's Daniel Gibson doing that's maybe making you a little more ineffective?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: It's not him, I've got to worry about Drew Gooden and those guys and the double-team, and I'm just trying to read their bigs and our bigs and see -- match what's on the floor. Whenever a switch occurs or whoever I have on the post is a matter of kind of reading, you know, when the bigs are coming and kind of reading where our guys are on the floor.

Q. You guys have gotten off to a slow start pretty much every game of this series, can you talk about getting momentum.
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: It's important to get off early, we haven't had any kind of lead in this series, even though it's 2-2, we haven't been able to put any pressure on them at all, so hopefully we can get out of the gate early here in Game 5 and get off to a better start, just kind of make a statement.

Q. Usually the other team makes the mistakes at the end and you guys capitalize on them, this time you guys are making them, is that something that's messing with your confidence or --
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Ain't nobody perfect, you know. Even though the majority of time we come through in the fourth and make the right plays, we're not perfect and it's not going to go the way we plan all the time, and in the last game it was uncharacteristic of what we did but at the same time we're not perfect.

Q. Do you think folks are spoiled by the fact that so many years you guys have made those plays that when you don't make them they wonder what's wrong with you?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Yeah, that's part of it, but we like that responsibility because we've been in the position before to be able to respond when we need to.
So obviously what happened in the last game doesn't bother us at all, but we know the expectations from our end.

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