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May 29, 2007

Flip Saunders


Q. Flip, earlier in the fourth quarter it looked like you guys were on a good roll there and all of the sudden, Cleveland hit you with a 9-0 run, why do you think the game shifted at that point?
COACH SAUNDERS: A lot of emotion in the game and we probably would have to look at the tape to see totally. LeBron made a few plays at that time, and, you know, we had some good opportunities, turned down some shots, had open looks, they did a good job of running us off threes, running us off shots and we turned down some shots that we had and put ourselves in a tougher situation.

Q. Chauncey got going in the first half, you used him as a shooting guard and point guard in that first half, and what do you think happened after that because he only scored five after halftime?
COACH SAUNDERS: Rip got going a little bit, Tay got going a little bit, they put LeBron on him a little bit and Chauncey took what they gave him and he turned down some open looks and put himself in a couple of bad situations. But I thought he ended up being our leading rebounder, he did a lot of good things in the game and got us going early.

Q. Can you explain the technical on Rasheed. He threw the headband toward the bench. You talked about emotion, do you think you guys --
COACH SAUNDERS: First of all, I thought the T, he was upset with Rip, you know, he was upset because he tipped the ball back and he didn't field it. Rip didn't know that Pavlovic was behind him, and he went after the ball not with full force and Pavlovic got it and gets the lay-up. So his headband toss was more out of frustration at his teammate, that's why I thought it was a terrible call as far as at that time of the game. And we went through a stretch at that time, when that happened where there was a lot of emotion.
We fought back and gave ourselves an opportunity, but dug ourselves too much in a hole at that point.

Q. Talk a little bit about Daniel Gibson and how big he was for them tonight.
COACH SAUNDERS: We couldn't keep in front of him in the first half, got to the free-throw line, made 12 in a row, shot really well. Both him and Gooden were the difference makers as far as in the things that they did. Gooden made big shots in the first half, Gibson, the same thing, and, you know, they both -- he played great. Gibson played unbelievable.

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