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May 28, 2007

Daniel Alfredsson


Q. Your thoughts on you guys are usually pretty good when you have the lead in the third period?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: It was a tough loss. I think we would have really liked to win this one. But not much we can do now. I think we have to get better in some areas and try to win the next one.

Q. Can you talk about the rust, seemed like some of the goals were off of turnovers and sloppy play from you guys?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: I don't know if it's rust, but it's something that we want to limit more, turnovers, there's no question. (Indiscernible) we know the puck is bouncing a little bit, but smarter on the bluelines.

Q. Just times in the first maybe you were more concerned about not being able to get the puck out of their forecheck, just keeping you pinned with their physical play?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: Yeah, they had three, four chips in the first there. But we did get off to the start we were the better team first five or six minutes. They got some momentum. I think overall I think we did give ourselves a chance to win. We just didn't come through in the third.

Q. That's probably the best line anybody has done on shutting you down, the best job in shutting your line down tonight, the Pahlsson line?
DANIEL ALFREDSSON: We had a couple of good shifts. But we can do a little bit better with the puck, make some smarter plays. I think we made a little bit too easy on them tonight.

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