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May 28, 2007

Rasheed Wallace


Q. You don't feel like the course of the series was changed by that one game? You feel what you guys do is good enough?
RASHEED WALLACE: Oh, yeah, yeah. I mean, we're going to talk it over, talk about a couple things where we might have went wrong last night, and of course the ballclub that we have, learn from it and keep it moving.

Q. Where do you think you guys went wrong?
RASHEED WALLACE: We were just missing shots, too many turnovers. I think we had about 15, 16, 17 turnovers, something like that, too many turnovers for this ballclub, especially in the playoffs.
I'm not worried about it. It was just a bad night and they had a great night. They did what they were supposed to do at home.

Q. You guys' turnovers and missed shots, do you think that got LeBron going and got him in the open court and got him going basically?
RASHEED WALLACE: Yeah, I mean, he was definitely working last night. Honestly, in my opinion, he wasn't no different last night from the first two games, it's just last night he hit shots. The first two games he was struggling a little bit missing shots, but he pretty much got the same shots last night, and he made that.

Q. You guys still had a lead going into the fourth or were within one point with Rip and Chauncey having an off-night, what does that say that you guys were struggling and you had a chance to pull it out?
RASHEED WALLACE: Yeah, we're still a good ballclub. I mean, how many times have you seen Rip and Chauncey have a bad game? But I'm not worried about it. They're two veterans, they're crafty veterans, they know what to do. So tomorrow we'll be ready. We'll be ready.

Q. (Inaudible).
RASHEED WALLACE: Well, no, fourth quarter is important, period. You know, that's one of the last 12 minutes, so you've got to throw everything you've got. I like that series between Utah and San Antonio. I think that's a good match-up. To me Memhet is the key in that. Once Memhet has that good game, he can get to have a good game from three, once he has that good game, I think Utah will be rolling.

Q. What's the difference in the way the fourth quarter went for you guys last night as opposed to the first two games?
RASHEED WALLACE: We missed shots, turned the ball over. Just basketball stuff, nothing fancy and things like that. You can't win ballgames in the fourth quarter when you're turning it over. We missed some bunnies, easy shots, Rip and Chauncey had a bad night, but we'll be fine. You know, we'll bounce back. It's not like we're the type of ballclub that lingers on it.

Q. Do you think your experience as a team gives you an advantage?
RASHEED WALLACE: I mean, there again, we're going back to the first series, the Chicago series. There's no question, we're out here playing. We've been here. They're trying to go down a road that we've already been, and we're just trying to get back to that same road. We got lost and now we're trying to get back.

Q. (Inaudible).
RASHEED WALLACE: There you go, you can't guarantee everything all the time. That's only good for once a year. If it comes up, it comes up. If not, just let it be. Let it ride.

Q. Is it a matter of execution?
RASHEED WALLACE: Yeah, it comes down to will and execution; do I want this victory? And execution in the fourth quarter is real important. Pretty much those are two basic rules of basketball. That's something that we do well.
I mean, we're not nervous, you don't see anybody sweating bullets, biting nails.

Q. Despite the poor shooting your team is still confident, right?
RASHEED WALLACE: Yeah, yeah, in series that we've been down 3-2 or 2-1 and things like that, this team doesn't do that. Just because we lost last night, we're not going to give up and pack it in like, oh, man, they beat us. I'm not going to sit up there and say, oh, man, LeBron, don't. No, we're too much of a veteran ballclub for that.

Q. Are they really keying in on Billups?
RASHEED WALLACE: Yeah, because Chauncey is a ball handler. He has the ball in his hands. So to try to throw him off rhythm they're trapping him. But we have guys out there on the floor that can run the plays. We have plenty of guys on the bench that can run the plays. That's not a factor.

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