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May 26, 2007

LeBron James


Q. I know this is kind of broad but is there anything specific you need to do better to put you over the edge? What would it be?
LEBRON JAMES: Be a little bit more aggressive attacking the rim in the third quarter, not put so many jumpers, not allowing their defensive intensity to speed us up on the offense.

Q. How much more physical is this round than last round?
LEBRON JAMES: It's about the same honestly. We had a very physical run against New Jersey, a little bit more than we expected, but we kind of took it for what it was. About the same.

Q. Do you think you guys are physical enough to come back --
LEBRON JAMES: Definitely, definitely.

Q. You came back last year 0-2 to the Pistons. Of course that was in the semifinals. But the experience there, was there any different feeling you had going into this third game besides --
LEBRON JAMES: We've been here before. That's the best thing that can happen to us right now is we've been in this position before, so we know how to react to it. Being down 0-2, never being in that position before we wouldn't know what to do, so we've been here before so we should know what to do and how to catch them.

Q. Last year when D-Wade was in The Finals with Detroit, you and he talked. Has he talked with you, and if so, what have you guys talked about?
LEBRON JAMES: We've definitely talked about the course of the playoffs before the playoffs started, good luck to each other, and since he's been home and rehabbing, basketball highlights, injuries going, and he was able to get successful surgery on his shoulder and stuff like that, and he's just telling me play as hard as possible and lead my team to victory. He's definitely given me some pointers.

Q. Is there anything he's given you specifically that you think has worked for you?
LEBRON JAMES: Well, basically just trying to be more aggressive against Detroit's defense. They're definitely a team where you definitely hold the ball, so just try to score more in early offense and not allow them to set up.

Q. What kind of advice would LeBron give right now?
LEBRON JAMES: Shoot the ball every time, I guess. He doesn't give good advice all the time.

Q. Talk a little bit more about how successful Rasheed is when he comes in to help on you. What does he do when he comes in as a second guy?
LEBRON JAMES: He's very active, and definitely he helps the guys that's guarding on the ball. He's a great outside defender. He's very long so you try to attack him, he's very capable of moving his feet and sliding and getting some good shots blocked. He's definitely a big part of the defensive scheme.

Q. Talk about the impact you might need from the crowd tomorrow night.
LEBRON JAMES: Our crowd knows how important they are going to be tomorrow. They should come in with a lot of energy, and we look forward to seeing our fans tomorrow night.

Q. Besides even the crowd, what helps you playing at home in a game like this?
LEBRON JAMES: You're always a little more comfortable at home. We should have no excuses coming out tomorrow with a lot of energy, attacking early and attacking late.

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