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May 25, 2007

Bruce Vaughan


Q. How did you find it out there today?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: I found it fun for 13 holes.
I played pretty good. I am not hitting it good. But I just scraped it around there. I did the same thing yesterday and I did it today. And I made a few putts.
I turned back into the wind coming home and of course ran out of gas or something, I don't know. But I hit a bad shot on 14, made bogey there.
15, I hit a good drive down there and just trying to chip a 5-iron up there right of the flag. And I just got over the top of it and it went left and then it was just try to see what I can make. Because I was, it was buried in that sand and I hit a pretty good shot just to get it out from being buried and then got it in the bottom of the bunker and I thought it was pretty soft and it was hard and it went over into the other bunker. I looked like a pro-am player out there. And then I got up-and-down out of that bunker for a six.
So then I had a decent putt for birdie on 16, from 15, 16 feet. And the wind was blowing, the ball was getting ready to move and I just hurried up and hit it and just ended up making par.
17, it's just, I told my caddie, I said, I bet you not a 10th of the field hits that green and I bet they don't. And it's, where are you going to bail out? You're either going to hit it with the crocodiles or you're going to hit it over in the bunker and the bunker is hard as brick. And so what are you going to do from there?
So luckily I hit it in the bunker, but it was half plugged up in the side of the hill and it kind of popped out there of and just chipped it out there to the side and 2-putted and made bogey.

Q. Would you say it's one of the most difficult courses you've ever played?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: Oh, I don't think that it's -- it's not difficult, it's not a difficult golf course, but it, the bunkers I think the bunkers are just a little too unfair. One of the guys I was playing with today hit it in two lips of the bunkers and he had to take two unplayables. One of them was a tee shot, you know what I mean.
The bunkers, there's too much sand in there. If they're going to make those Scottish-type bunkers they ought to sod the bunkers or at least take some of that sand out and put it at the bottom. You know, at least make it halfway fair.
The way it is I think it's unfair that you hit a ball in the bunker that's, you could lose it in there. If it wasn't for the spotters you would lose the balls half the time.
So I think it's just I think that part just a little unfair. If it wasn't for that, and the way they have got it set up, I don't think that it's that hard, it's just that it penalizes you if you hit it in one of those bunkers.

Q. You made it in as an alternate?

Q. Were you in the field?

Q. You guys have to try to qualify each week to make it in the tournament. How is that?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: It's difficult. It's bad timing on my part, because I just turned 50. Where in the past, if everything was equal, I finished third at the school, you know, I would have been playing every week. Now I got to just get a 1 through 34, you know, they all got the same thing. It's bigger prize money at the end of the school.
But it's tough. It's tough to get out here. And I got in one tournament and I played decent in it, but, you know, it's hard to, the way they got it, it's going to be hard for somebody to come from the TOUR School to get out here to be exempt.
I mean because, realistically, if you have a good year qualifying, you get eight tournaments. Maybe 10 if you're all crazy. But how are you going to get in the Top-30 playing eight or ten tournaments when somebody the rest of the field is playing 28? You know.
That's the way it is. That's the only thing I can say about it. Actually, I would like to have the opportunity to play better. The two tournaments that I got in, the other one I played pretty good and here I played all right too. So, but, you know, I mean, if you don't get that opportunity, it's tough. When you go out on those qualifiers and every one I been to, I mean, I think I bogeyed the first couple holes and you're going, well, now I'm in trouble. And it's not easy. It's pressure on you in those qualifiers.

Q. How many have you tried?

Q. Every one?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: Yeah. One through however many. I lost in two playoffs. I was in the playoffs and I was first alternate last week and then the other one I lost in the playoff.

Q. Did you just pick it up and go from here?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: I'm in the Senior British Open, so I'll go over and play there. So it's just you have to make the best of it when I get in. I mean, I'm just going to have to try to win. That's the only way you're going to get out of here.

Q. You didn't start playing golf until you turned 20?

Q. So sort of recap your career a little bit?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: I probably ought to find that out before I go tell everybody. I may be the only one out here that's had every TOUR card there is on this TOUR. I'm from the TOUR, I had the Hogan TOUR, Nike Tour, Regular Tour, BUY.COM and Nationwide now the Champions Tour.
So I played golf, that's all I've done. I just had a little set back there with the knee problems. I had six knee surgeries, so you know, but I'm 50 so I guess there's nothing left else to do.

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