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May 25, 2007

Paula Creamer


ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Thanks for joining us again today. Shot a 68 out there to go to 10-under, and you're currently in second place. Talk about your round.
PAULA CREAMER: You know, it was kind of an up and down day. I started off birdieing the first three holes and a bogey on the 13. I started on the Back 9.
Overall, it really wasn't as consistent as it was yesterday. I still made a lot of birdies, but I left a couple shots out there. I missed a two-footer on one hole and a very poor bogey on another hole. So it's just one of those days where it didn't feel like a comfortable 68.

Q. Can you go over your scorecard, starting with 10?
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Start on 10.
PAULA CREAMER: No. 10, birdie, I went driver. I had 130. I hit 9-iron to about 6 feet.
No. 11, I hit -- I believe it was about 155. I hit a 6-iron to about -- I didn't hit very good, maybe a 30- or 35-footer and made that.
No. 12, Par 5, went driver, 3-wood and then I had 95 yards and I hit my 54 degree wedge to about 15 feet.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Which wedge?
PAULA CREAMER: 54 degree wedge to 15 feet.
No. 13, bogey. I hit my drive just in the rough on the right. I had a really bad lie and I just kind of tapped it out there to the front and I missed about a 10-footer to get up and down.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: What club from the rough?
PAULA CREAMER: It was like a 6-iron trying to hit it out. I had to get up and down from the front.
15, par 3. I hit it to about 18 feet. I hit a little 8-iron and I hit it 2 feet past and I missed a 2-footer, so 3-putt.
17, birdied. I had 85 yards. I hit a little 54 degree wedge to about 5 feet.
Birdie on 5. I went driver, four rescue. I hit the tree on the left and it came down. So I hit a four rescue to the front of the green and I just 2-putted.
No. 9, I went 3-wood, 9-iron. I had about 125 yards to about 9 feet or so.

Q. Yesterday you sat in here and talked about having to capitalize on the Par 5s to do well.

Q. I think today you birdied two out of the four (indiscernible).
PAULA CREAMER: Definitely. You know, I 3-putted number 2. I hit -- I was in the rough and I hit it on the green, but I was above the hole and I 3-putted. That's no good. You don't want to par that hole.
It felt like a bogey, but that's what it all comes down to. You have to birdie those holes because those are easy birdie holes and you have to take advantage of some of the holes where you have 80 yards into it.
Some of the pins seem to be a lot tougher going into the weekend, and on those you need to make sure you walk away with birdie.

Q. 15 is the most frustrating hole?
PAULA CREAMER: Definitely, 100 percent. Probably most frustrating hole of them all. It was just two feet above the hole, so careless really. Marked it but it was just a bad putting shot.

Q. The people you were playing with today also had some pretty good scores. Did that kind of help set a pace?
PAULA CREAMER: It's always nice playing with people who play good. I played with the leader, and JJ was making birdies, so it's always good, I think, for your momentum to get pace going.
It's almost like you're playing a little match within yourself there. You're always trying to get inside them because you know they're going to be hitting close and make birdie.

Q. (No microphone.)
PAULA CREAMER: I don't know actually. I'm sure it's happened. Maybe not all four days. Maybe like three out of four days. I'm not sure where, but...

Q. Is there anything you can pinpoint as to difference of Thursday's round and today's round?
PAULA CREAMER: I had two bogeys today and I had one bogey yesterday. I made one more birdie yesterday, too. But I think overall I didn't hit my driver very well today. It was just missing some fairways. Didn't really hit the ball quite as well as I could.
I was kind of -- my speed of my putting in the middle of the round kind of went off track for a little bit. I was long and a little bit aggressive and kind of came back to reality and realized these 3-footers aren't very easy.

Q. Are the greens playing as true as they were yesterday?
PAULA CREAMER: Yeah. I mean, the greens are really great. They're rolling really good. There's so much break on these putts. Doesn't matter where it is, you don't have really a straight putt.
Like I said, they're rolling really nicely. So when you have that it's good. You can make a lot of putts, you know, difficult ones.

Q. Is it encouraging that you didn't have your ideal ground but you're still right there?
PAULA CREAMER: It is. I don't feel like I played my best at all and I shot 68, so I'll take that. I have some things to work on. There's a little bit -- like I said, my ball striking and my driver off the tee. But other than that I love the golf course. I feel really comfortable. I feel like I can go low, and I'm having the birdies to do it.
So I think you have to keep it going into the weekend. You can't just stop. You really have to keep going making birdies.

Q. (No microphone).
PAULA CREAMER: Yeah. Like I said, things happen out there. You just got to forget what happens in the past and move on. I think it was just a little bit of -- you know, that's what golf is all about.
You have to take every shot for what it is, and I guess I missed a little putt and I made bogey on another hole and I missed a lot of birdie chances, but everybody is not going to make everything. It's just who makes more at the end the day.

Q. Are you getting more comfortable with the course every day?
PAULA CREAMER: Uh-huh, definitely. Like I said, it's changing now. When I first got here it was really cold and now it's really hot, so it's changing. I think tomorrow is supposed to be a little cooler. Maybe a little bit more breezy, which would be nice. I'd like that.

Q. Looked like your gallery is strong.
PAULA CREAMER: It is. It's nice. I love playing in front of people, especially people you know. A lot of my family is coming this weekend, and hopefully my grandpa will make it Sunday.

Q. (No microphone.)
PAULA CREAMER: Well, I think that there's a lot of great programs right now that are helping girl's golf. I do a lot with the First Tee. They have so many girls. I think it's great just giving them the opportunity to see golf.
I think that athletes and professional golfers we have to be able to go to them and help them see what it is like, just talk to them.
I do a lot, like I said, with the First Tee. So giving them the resources, I think, is very important. But I think that women's golf right now for Americans is great.
We have a lot of young players coming up, a lot of the veterans, Juli is playing really good. I think it's an exciting time for the LPGA, and I think that so far there's been quite a few Americans.

Q. Just a moment to talk about you mentioned pace and so forth, being one of the bright stars on the LPGA circuit here. Talk, if you would for a moment, from an individual perspective, your pacing. Do you feel at this point the way you're playing that you can play every week, or what is your game plan at this point?
PAULA CREAMER: Well, I'm twenty years old. I think I should be able to play as many tournaments as I can. After this little stretch I have three tournaments and a week off and then two and then I have seven in like five different countries.
So we're going to have to -- hopefully I have enough stamina to go through that. But I love playing. I love competing. When I have a week off it's very hard for me to sit there and watch other players play. I want to be in that moment. I love it. It's what I do. I always have that competitive mode. Hopefully I'll try and play as many as I can.

Q. And did Corning fall into that rotation where you had planned on playing here?
PAULA CREAMER: Yes. The last two years it was just a schedule conflict. I couldn't make it because of that. It wasn't anything to do with Corning or anything like that. It was just a schedule confliction.
Luckily this year I took last week off and I came here. I knew it was a tight golf course and I wanted to work on certain things because the Majors are coming up.

Q. (No microphone.)
PAULA CREAMER: The fans here are wonderful. They know golf and are very knowledgeable. They know a good shot when it's a good shot. I think the volunteers here are unbelievably nice. You go to every tee and they just have a big smile on their face.
I want to thank every one of them. But it's hard, especially after you make a bogey. I think the volunteers are the biggest things here.

Q. Some golfers say that they prefer to be in the lead going into the weekend; other golfers say they want to be a couple shots back but within striking distance. Do you have a preference on where you like to be?
PAULA CREAMER: In the lead, of course. Why do you want to be behind? Of course, yes, I'd like to be in the lead. But if I'm not, I'm not going into Saturday and I know that I can go out there and put pressure on the leader.
I've been in both situations and I know how to handle that. But there's a lot golf left, 36 holes. Lots can happen and lots can change.

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