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May 25, 2007

Charlotta Sorenstam


ASHLEY CUSHMAN: You shot a 73 today. Your name is still up on the leaderboard. Talk about your round for a few minutes.
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Sure. Yeah, it's nice to see you still shoot over par and you're still on the leaderboard. I like that.
Not as good today, at least on the scorecard. I thought I played pretty good today. Didn't make my putts, so that's the difference.

Q. Can we go over your scorecard?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: First hole I hit a 4-iron to about ten feet, pin high, made the putt.
Second hole hit the 3-wood about 25 feet behind the hole and putted two feet and made the putt.
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Hit a 7-wood off the tee. It was a little too much so I ended up in the right rough. Tried to just get to the front left part of the green but it hopped in the bunker and it plugged. So I hit a good shot, but it just rolled off the green, so it was just a tap in.
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Again, hit a little right off the tee, so I had to go underneath the trees. But I had a decent chip-in but, I hit it too short and I putted, 2-putt.
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: I hit my 50 degree wedge to about six feet behind the pin.
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Hit the right rough, hit it short left of the green, tipped up a little short, and two putted.
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Hit wedge just to the front part of the green and hit it three feet short and missed a putt.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Questions for Charlotta.

Q. You said earlier that the putting was difference today. Is there anything about the putting that you can pinpoint and say, That's what I need to fix?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: I think my pace was good today. I'm happy with that. I've had a tendency to aim left, and today I didn't trust it so I hit most putts left today.
So I guess that's a good thing because I know where I'm hitting it. But I just have to trust where I'm aiming and to go with it.
At least where I line up my ball, I line up my ball where I go, but I tend to aim my putter left of that target.

Q. How is the pin placement today compared to yesterday?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: I do think they were a little trickier today. That's why I think there was only one score that I saw that was really low today. Lindsey Wright has got one going. But, yeah, I think that's a huge difference from today and yesterday.

Q. You were the first one out there today. You were barely under way and you were already 10-under. What was your thought at that point?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: I just said, This is fun. Keep going and just take one shot at a time. And can I sleep in tomorrow a little longer?

Q. (No microphone.)
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Yeah, I did miss a couple of fairways today but I worked it out and swung a little better at the end. My irons have always been good, I think anyway. So as long as I hit the fairways I can hit my irons and then get it on the right side of the hole.
That's very important here in Corning because of the greens, the way they are. And hopefully make a few and get the confidence going and make a few putts. I'm just happy to be playing, actually.

Q. As you were playing along and things were running along very well for you, were you cognizant of the leaderboard, looking at others that had started the day and seemed to be making a challenge to you?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Well, I had one in my group. Jamie played really well today. Of course you look at the leaderboard and see what others are doing.
I saw that I'm 10-under and that's kind of a cool number. I don't know. Maybe I looked at it a little much. I got too conscious of where it was.
But I'm happy the way I finished, the way I played the Back 9. I'm happy the way I hit the ball, and that's all for me.
If I'm in the lead or not or if I'm close to it I'm happy there, too.

Q. What about dialog amongst your group? Did you talk much?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Oh, yeah. We had a great group going. We had a lot of time on the Back 9, pretty much the whole Back 9.

Q. Did you feel any added pressure (indiscernible).
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: No. I was just very proud of myself that I was up there.

Q. Yesterday a lot golfers were saying the greens were playing really true. Are they still playing true, or are they starting to show the wear and tear of 18 holes of golf?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: No. I think they're still very true. I think it's the best I've seen the Corning greens. Hopefully they can still roll them so we can get the poana down.
But I think the weather is helping. I think they are watering the greens perfectly, because there's enough hold on them. They're not too fast and firm and not too soft. I think just keep doing what they're doing.
It's fun for the spectators to see a lot good putts as well.

Q. Do you think it's indicative of this course that the first-round scores are really low and things kind of come back to earth in the second round?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Tell you the truth, I haven't paid attention to that. Golf is up and down. One day you have that little extra and the next day you just play normal. Hopefully I can save the extra for the last round.

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