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May 24, 2007

Charlotta Sorenstam


ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Thanks for joining us today. Really appreciate it. So you were 8-under. You're the leader in the clubhouse going into tomorrow's round. Talk about your round for a minute.
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: It was a lot of fun. No, I hit a lot of fairways out there. Only missed three fairways and two greens. Lately that's been my fault. I've been hitting a lot of roughs.
So it was fun hitting out of fairways today. It was a lot easier to attack the pins. I must say this is the first year I'll only hit driver on just a few holes here. I've always hit driver, driver, driver.
I thought, It's running out there, you might as well hit the fairways and run it up. I hit a lot of short irons as well today. I made some crucial putts, so I got lucky on a few bounces out there and ended up with a good round.

Q. Is this your best round of the year so far?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: No. I haven't played much this year.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Go over your scorecard, all right? No. 11?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Let's see if I can remember. I hit a -- I just hit behind the pin. I hit a 7-iron about 15 feet, made the putt.
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Hit an 8-iron to about the same distance just short of the pin.
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Yeah, 12 feet maybe.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: How about 16?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: I hit a 9-iron from the left rough or first cut to about two feet.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: 9-iron to two feet?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Again, hit a 9-iron pin high about 12 feet.
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: I hit the green in two with my 4-iron just behind the pin about twenty feet, and so it was a tap-in from just a half a foot.
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Hit behind the pin. Hit behind the flag on that green with a wedge and just hit a perfect putt and it just dropped in the hole.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: How far out?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: I hit a little 6-iron about 7 feet.
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: 8, I hit a 9-iron to the top tier. The pin was below on that low tier and so it was about 25 feet.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: All right. Completely bogey-free round.
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Yeah. It was close on 18, or 9.

Q. You're not exempt, correct? (Indiscernible)
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Correct. Yeah, I'm in the tournament winner category, so I'm nonexempt.

Q. Because I see for most of year you haven't played, and then you played the past couple tournaments. Have you been hurt or something else?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: I have actually been doing something else. Been working on the my sister's academy teaching and trying to run the place.

Q. And where is that?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: It's at Ginn Resort in Orlando where we just had a tournament.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: I think Reunion, Florida.

Q. (No microphone.)
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Well, I'm lucky because we're closed down for the summer. Now I can get into tournaments. I just needed a little break from playing as well. And her coach is the head instructor there, so it was my way of seeing him a little bit more than I have lately.

Q. Again, going over your scoring earlier in the season, your low round was a 73, so this absolutely shattered it.
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: I played pretty good at Michelob, but I putted like a beginner, so...

Q. (No microphone.)
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Definitely luck on the putts. I mean, some days they go in and some days they don't. For me, today was one of those days that everything I did was correct. I found a coin out there so I picked it up.

Q. When is the last time that you were on the top of the leaderboard?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: I can't remember.

Q. How does it feel to see your name up there ahead of everybody else?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: It was great. I was hoping they would put a C. in front so everybody knew it was me.

Q. Does this lead change your thinking going into tomorrow? Do you approach the game differently, or do you just go out and play like you would any other round?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: I think I'm going to approach it the same which I did today because it worked. So just hit the fairway and hit the green and hopefully make the putt.

Q. A lot of players who have layoffs or injuries for whatever reason take a long time to get back. Are you surprised at all that you came out ans shot such a great score after such a long layoff?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Yes and no. I knew it was in me, that's why I haven't given up the game. So I'm just going enjoy every minute from now on.

Q. (No microphone.)
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Yeah. Just try to make it simple, work on setup. That's what I've been doing. That's what I'm going to continue doing, with me or anybody I help out or teach.

Q. If you are able to keep this going and put a victory up there, are you going to charge a higher fee for teaching?

Q. You sound pretty casual about your round today. Makes me wonder (indiscernible.)
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Well, it's the first day. You can't win a tournament the first day. You can just put a good score up there. There are three more days, and the tournament doesn't start until the Back 9 on Sunday. I'm just glad to have a good run in there.

Q. And talking about the Back 9, you started there, and usually that's kind of the tough nine holes here. Did you realize then that you could really put on a big score?
CHARLOTTA SORENSTAM: Yeah. I was thinking that if I go 4 I'll be 8, and I did. 64 has been a number I enjoy, because when I won I shot 64. Couple years ago in Singapore I shot 64 as well. I just lost on 18 there. But it's got good memories, so hopefully they'll stick.

Q. (No microphone.)

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