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May 24, 2007

Colin Montgomerie


Q. Nice finish with the birdie. What was the report card?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Report card, my report cards always said "could have been better," and I think that could have been.
I actually drove the ball well, especially on the back nine. I put the ball on the fairway again which I haven't been doing and giving myself chances and irons were always to far away. 15 was a great example. I gave myself a great opportunity of birdie and shoved my 9-iron right.
Opportunities on 16 and 17 and missed them both, and thank goodness at last I hit a good bunker shot there. Always been half-decent out of the bunker, so no problem.
Glad I got in really at 70. The greens were very difficult. They are very fast and quite spongy on top and there's prints on and they are growing, you add all that in and it makes it very difficult to score coming in.
Tomorrow morning, I start at 8:10 in the morning, and it should be better then. I think as you find, the scoring has been done in the morning, and so 2-under today and hopefully I can get a lower one tomorrow and get it in to some sort of contention which would be good; it has been a while.

Q. Four shots away at the end of the first day, as you say, playing in the afternoon, get off to a quick start tomorrow?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I need to score 68 or less tomorrow morning and that gives me an opportunity to do well over the weekend and if I can get a 68 or less tomorrow, I've got a great time in the morning, so let's hope we can get going.

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