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May 24, 2007

Marcus Fraser


MARCUS FRASER: Course is awesome. Played really steady and a silly 3-putt on the last hole and that was about it. Three birdies on the par 3s.

Q. You finished 2-over?
MARCUS FRASER: Yeah, so it was good. Pretty steady sort of day.

Q. How well do you feel as though you know the West Course?
MARCUS FRASER: This is my fourth time. Feel like I play pretty well here.

Q. Pretty sufficient since Ernie made some changes?
MARCUS FRASER: Yeah, just a couple of tees, no problem getting to the greens really. The changes are really good I think.

Q. Have you threatened to do well here in the past?
MARCUS FRASER: I played well here a few weeks ago. Played with Angel Cabrera on a Saturday a few years ago. He played great and I didn't play all that great.

Q. That's the year he won it?
MARCUS FRASER: Yes. Managed to fudge my way around and make a few putts and add them up at the end.

Q. The more you come back, the more confidence you get?
MARCUS FRASER: Yeah, any tournament --

Q. Fits your eye?
MARCUS FRASER: Different things you learn and try and jot those down.

Q. Anything you've worked on or changed?
MARCUS FRASER: No seeing the same coach I used to see, Dennis McKay, saw him probably a couple of months ago.

Q. Still down there is he?
MARCUS FRASER: Yeah, he's still there. Everything is going pretty good. I feel like I'm playing a lot better.

Q. What's your schedule in the coming weeks?
MARCUS FRASER: Wales, then go home, hopefully five or six days and head off to U.S. Open.

Q. Can you go through your birdies?
MARCUS FRASER: 2, about four feet.
6 would be 8-iron back edge and holed a 30-footer.
7, hit 8-iron again to three-foot.
6-iron to about three feet on 8.
3-putted 9.
10, hit it to about ten feet with a 6-iron.
Then 5-iron to three feet.

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