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May 24, 2007

Paul Casey


Q. Appears to be an incredibly good back nine after a small glitch, shall we say, at No. 12, three birdies to follow. Helped the card, didn't it?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, a little bit rusty because I didn't play last week. But 17 pretty good holes.
And that was -- I mean, it wasn't a good hole, simple as that. I mean, how do you make nine. Obvious answer would be you lipout for 8.

Q. I think you knocked it well left.
PAUL CASEY: No. I knocked it well right and tried to play a punch out of the trees and caught it. It wasn't a good lie. But I caught it slightly poorly and it clipped the tree high and dropped into the ditch. And from there, it was in a pretty difficult position because where I had to drop it was a shocking lie.
So the error was in the tee shot and the poor second shot, simple as that.

Q. In terms of regrouping to make three birdies, you've given yourself --
PAUL CASEY: I felt good going out there today and I wanted to shoot something in the 60s, so I'm still -- I'm happy the way I fought back. But disappointed with shooting 1-over, even though there was a big number on the card.

Q. Tee-to-green I take it your game was pretty sharp.
PAUL CASEY: Tee-to-green, it was very sharp. And even with that one particular hole, I could have shot in the 60s no problem out there, even with that one.
So you know, the greens are always difficult in the afternoon at Wentworth, especially in the spring. They are definitely smoother in the autumn. It's one of those things. We've got to look forward to having good greens in the morning tomorrow and take advantage of that and try to get myself back in it tournament. I'm not out of it right now.

Q. You could have played yourself right out of it if you had not come back from that nine.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, but it's 72 holes, and that was only one.

Q. Can you remember the last time you had a 9 on your car?
PAUL CASEY: I tried to erase it actually.

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