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May 24, 2007

Jyoti Randhawa


Q. How did you play today?
JYOTI RANDHAWA: I think I hit the ball pretty decently today. Starting from the tee, the second shots, I had a good ball-striking day today. But I just had two, you know, 3-putts just off the fringe which I could have maybe made 2-putt.
The greens are a little tough to read for me, slopey. So I guess mental errors there. I hit one too short and I hit one too long. But all in all, I'm pretty satisfied.

Q. I take it you're getting used to those greens though. You've been here a couple of times now.
JYOTI RANDHAWA: Yeah, this is my third time now. First I had absolutely no idea, second time a learned a little bit and today I think I made a few putts and I missed a few, also. But I know which way the slope was going; before, I didn't know that, so I'm happy.

Q. Compared to those other occasions, this is probably just about the best weather we've had for you?
JYOTI RANDHAWA: Definitely. We had perfect conditions. Couldn't ask for better weather now. Nice and sunny for nine holes, got cloudy, no wind. Playing in Europe, this is the best you get.

Q. I know you won't have seen the course that much in its warmer glories, but the changes that Ernie Els has made, do you appreciate those? Do you recognise what he's done?
JYOTI RANDHAWA: Yeah, definitely. I think they are great. The bunkers are rightly placed. Off the tee, you need position and he's placed the bunkers in a way where you've got to hit it straight and hit it in a place where you have to think about it. Even your second, par fives, the first shot, the second shot, you have to place them. If you're hitting the ball well, you'll really play well, and if you're not, you're going to struggle.
Otherwise, the course is a little easy, but with the tees moved back and the bunkers being there, I think it's a great job.

Q. I take it you didn't flirt with those bunkers too much.
JYOTI RANDHAWA: I didn't. Just on last hole I went for it with my second shot. I had no shot on the slope but yeah, I stayed away from it.

Q. I imagine you're pretty confident when you step on the tee at the present; your form is coming back?
JYOTI RANDHAWA: Yeah, I had a decent year, been playing all right. Won a couple of events in India, finished second in Spain. Just have to get it all together for four days.

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