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May 24, 2007

Simon Khan


Q. Can I get your impressions on a fine start to the tournament for a second year?
SIMON KHAN: It was nice to get out early this morning and in a nice group with guys I get on well with. We all had a good time out there, although obviously Paul (Lawrie) did not play as well as he can do, but he got it back well. I was pleased with the way I hit the ball. I only missed green and one was on the fringe on 15.

Q. You seem to thrive in this tournament. Why's that?
SIMON KHAN: A few friends came out this morning to watch. It does feel like your home tournament. I just like the set-up of the course and the shape of the holes. It's just very clear what you have to do on each hole. Some courses you play you can not see a shot on occasion, but round here I have got a nice feeling.

Q. Do you like the course changes that have been made since you played in last year's event?
SIMON KHAN: 12 is a tough tee shot now. Although you could get the ball past it today (the ditch), I hit a three wood almost into it down the right. I like the bunkering on 8 and on 16. I think the bunkering helps frame the shot a lot better. Before you weren't sure where the run-outs where on the right of 16.

Q. Wherever you are playing a round without a bogey is good, but is it more special to achieve that here?
SIMON KHAN: Yes, there's no doubt about that this is our biggest tournament bar the Open. I just feel like I am playing at home here and to shoot well around Wentworth is great. It's a better start than last year, which is good, and hopefully I can work on my putting and continue to hit the ball just as well.

Q. With the way you have been playing could you see a 67 coming?
SIMON KHAN: To be honest it has been frustrating the last few weeks. Italy was a bit better but now it feels as though the season is getting going. I find it hard to get going in the early tournaments and I have got to address that, but this is a nice time to start playing well.

Q. You seem to have taken a few more breaks already this year. Was this in order to peak now?
SIMON KHAN: I've possibly played a little bit less. I withdrew from China actually because of a little injury in my left hand and forearm. I have not wanted to play too much. I had a few scans but it is holding up quite well at the moment.

Q. What is the problem?
SIMON KHAN: I don't know. First of all we thought it was a tight muscle in the arm that was trapping a nerve into the hand. But then the problem went into the hand, so I think it might be a joint in the hand.

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