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May 23, 2007

Rasheed Wallace


Q. Talk a little bit about just the approach, what you expect from Cleveland this game. They've had some success, but you guys still find a way to win that Game 1.
RASHEED WALLACE: We're not focused on them. We're focused on ourselves. They've got to do what they've got to do to try to get the win. We're focused on ourselves. We're not worried about them trying to make any adjustments. We're just going to go out there and just play, throw the ball up.

Q. Mike Brown talked a lot about just your presence defensively altering shots, and he also talked about how he wants his bigs to get into you a little bit more. Talk a little bit about your approach defensively against their bigs.
RASHEED WALLACE: Same approach I took last game, you know, don't give them no easy shots, try to make things hard for them and block out. You know, simple basketball. It's nothing fancy, nothing new.

Q. You didn't have your best game in Game 1 and you still won, is that a positive or a negative because you can relax?
RASHEED WALLACE: It's a positive that we won, but it's a negative because we didn't feel like we won, you know, so that's just the way that we feel, the aura that's in our locker room.

Q. Is it important to be aggressive with LeBron? Do you have some confidence that you had a game plan and shut that down and played --
RASHEED WALLACE: No, it wasn't a matter of shutting it down. He still can get a shot up. Sometimes there's two people on him or three people on him depending on where he's at on the floor. If he wants he can still get a shot up, but he's just trying to play smart basketball and get his team involved.

Q. A lot has been made of the role that the bigs will play in this series. A couple of your bigs, McDyess and Webber, they haven't scored the ball as well as they used to. Talk about this team's ability to still win without two key guys not getting it going out there.
RASHEED WALLACE: Well, we have a lot of guys. There's hired assassins on this team. We shoot well, concerning the bigs, myself.
Like you said, even though Dyess and Web, the last few games, they haven't been on, but we know they're capable of catching that hot streak, so I'm not worried about the way they've been shooting for the last few games because I know that at any given moment they can get out of their slump, it's just a matter of putting shots up.

Q. What do you think about being delayed a day for American Idol?
RASHEED WALLACE: It's all money. Y'all know what it is. It's WWF out here. Y'all know what it is. I ain't got to say no more about it.

Q. Do you make guarantees anymore?
RASHEED WALLACE: You wasn't here before. I'm going to tell you again, you only can do the guarantee once a year, so don't y'all look for it. If I say it, I'm going to say it. If not, don't even ask.

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