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May 23, 2007

Flip Saunders


Q. Everything good today?
COACH SAUNDERS: Yeah, everybody is healthy, everyone is good.

Q. McDyess feeling better?
COACH SAUNDERS: Pretty much, yeah. I don't think he's as sick as he was. I think he feels better. He had a little bit more hop in his step.

Q. It hasn't hurt you desperately yet, but having Dyess and Webber both kind of be out for the game, is that something --
COACH SAUNDERS: It's always a concern. You want those guys always to play at a high level. The thing with Dyess, the positive is that he's been off offensively, but he's gotten offensive rebounds, he's rebounding, he's defending. You can't fault him.

Q. (Inaudible).
COACH SAUNDERS: As I said before when we talked about Cleveland's last play, I can't fault him because he's not making shots. He is doing other things. Just because his shots aren't falling, doesn't mean he's not doing things to help us win.

Q. What do you make of his shots, the way he finished the season?
COACH SAUNDERS: Shooters go through that. I mean, Chauncey goes through it, all shooters go through where they don't shoot the ball well and they might come out the next game and go 10-for-11. Sometimes you can get into a great rhythm and sometimes you can get out of the rhythm a little bit. That's why over the course of a season it all kind of balances itself out. He was shooting 70 percent the last two weeks, so he's made up for it the last week and a half.

Q. Are they getting the shots that you ideally like to see them getting?
COACH SAUNDERS: Our players?

Q. Your bigs in particular.
COACH SAUNDERS: Yeah, I think pretty much. They've gotten pretty good looks, just haven't knocked them down. Dyess, the same shots he was making at the end of the season, he's missed some of them. He's been sick a couple games, too, so that's a little bit of it.

Q. What do you expect to see from LeBron James in Game 2?
COACH SAUNDERS: I think definitely LeBron will just come out, and I think he'll do two things: I think he's going to try to make plays for himself to get going; I think he'll try to make plays for his teammates. I think the biggest thing is he's going to look to be aggressive.
I think he maybe did more where he reacted to the game a little bit last game. I think this game he's going to try to put the onus on us to try to make us react to what he does a little bit more.

Q. They're talking a lot about when they go into the basket, they go into the body. That's something you guys always -- that's part of going to the basket, right? That's not something you have to adjust to?
COACH SAUNDERS: No. The thing about it is sometimes that's easier said than done because sometimes you try to start changing the shots to make contact. In reality sometimes you end up avoiding contact. Basically they're talking about Sheed. Sheed is long. It's tough to go into guys, long guys, into their bodies sometimes.
Shot blockers, the thing that they normally do is that they block shots off the weak side, and so it's a tougher situation.

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