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May 22, 2007

Dominik Hasek

Henrik Zetterberg


DOMINIK HASEK: It was very disappointing. What can I say? I mean, they're very aggressive. They're very aggressive around the net and they scored all the goals off of the rebounds and the deflections. I don't know what to say about it. It's sad to lose a game and go home.

Q. What were the final moments like when you were sitting on the bench just watching the flurry of activity for your team and not even having a chance to make it there?
DOMINIK HASEK: We came back in the third unfortunately after we scored our first one, then they scored a fourth one. We scored two more goals and then we had power play. You're sitting on the bench and you hope for something and unfortunately it didn't come.

Q. (Question about goals being scored early)?
DOMINIK HASEK: Don't want to blame anyone. We lost three guys. We didn't do our job. We were trying hard. We made some mistakes and they were - like I said, they were very aggressive around the net. They scored three goals on rebounds. It's hard to win if you get up four goals, but still we had a good chance at the end. Unfortunately it didn't go in the net.

Q. What in your mind was the biggest difference in this game? You guys got done to a 3-0 deficit early on. Why?
HENRIK ZETTERBERG: It was some tough goals out there, especially their third one was a real tough one for us. We put a real good effort to come back, and even though they got the fourth goal, came up and scored three goals and had three chances and knowing them - right now it's real tough and -

Q. I know you guys, coming into this - you played the better games throughout the series. These four games, you thought you outplayed them in the series. Did you think they were the better team the entire series?
HENRIK ZETTERBERG: They are (indiscernible) so it's tough to say if they were a better team. They won more games than we did and just got (indiscernible) for them.

Q. How tough is it that you guys came out the way you did in the first period? Obviously the biggest game of the season?
HENRIK ZETTERBERG: Well, you want it so much and we came out and maybe still didn't too much. We were thinking and moving. They just kept coming, kept coming and we didn't have enough (indiscernible) in our team.
So first period I think was a tough one. But I think in the third we played better.

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