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May 22, 2007

Darren Clarke


Q. How's the fitness?
DARREN CLARKE: The hamstring's not bad.

Q. How did you get it sorted?
DARREN CLARKE: Physio every day - I have been going to a place in Shrewsbury called Sports Orthopaedic Diagnostics, I think. I have been going every day and at the weekend.

Q. They with London Irish and Chelsea Football Club doesn't he?
DARREN CLARKE: Yes. A few of the guys go there - London Irish, Cheslea and Reading.

Q. Who was on the next table to you?
DARREN CLARKE: A few of the footballers were there.

Q. What happened to your hand there?
DARREN CLARKE: I have two fields beside my house and I have two off-road buggies with cages on them and the boys have got one and I've got one. Mine has a little more horsepower than theirs and I was out on Sunday on it messing about. The boys were having a great time, so was I, and then I flipped it and rolled it and got 9.8 for technical difficulty! I banged my hand against the ground and I ended up hanging upside down in the buggy. I could have done myself serious damage. I have been out it about 15 times and I have never even threatened to flip it, but this time I flipped it good and proper. It flipped over and went this way and that way and I was very lucky that this was all I did.

Q. Is it swollen?
DARREN CLARKE: It was way up before but has settled down a bit.

Q. Nothing broken?
DARREN CLARKE: No. I had an MRI scan on it straight away. There's no broken bones, no tendon damage, it's just swollen.

Q. Is it feeling alright today when you have been playing?
DARREN CLARKE: It's alright. I am of jinx just now and you wouldn't want to be hanging around me at the minute! But what am I going to do - am I going to wrap myself up in cotton wool? I was playing with the boys again and sometimes these things happen.

Q. Will it be staying in the garage?
DARREN CLARKE: I'll be back out on it again.

Q. What's the horsepower of the thing?
DARREN CLARKE: Not sure but it's 250cc. It's a proper one with the roadcage and all that on it.

Q. How much space do you have in those fields?
DARREN CLARKE: The whole land is 13 acres. The boys were plodding around and I'm plodding around and there you are.

Q. You're not going to tell us that Connor cut you up are you?
DARREN CLARKE: No! This was purely my faux-pas.

Q. What the course like this week?
DARREN CLARKE: The course is in magnificent shape - Ernie has made a few more changes so it's going to make it that bit more difficult. There's a blind bunker on the 18th and few more bunkers around so it's going to be more difficult than before?

Q. Is it firm?
DARREN CLARKE: It is. I played here last Friday and it was in brilliant shape then and it's even better now. The greens are brilliant - firm and fast.

Q. What's your schedule for the next month or so?
DARREN CLARKE: Next week off, then Walton Heath next Monday for a practice round and then try and qualify for the US Open there the following Monday, then play AustriDARREN CLARKE: If I get into the US Open I'll go there and play, if not I'll have a couple of weeks off then I'm going to the Buick in Detroit and then the Congressional for Tiger's event and then Loch Lomond and then The Open.

Q. A win here would get you in the US Open wouldn't it?
DARREN CLARKE: It would. I'm obviously a bit short on tournament practice. As I have said, I have tried and tried to play but for different reasons it hasn't quiet worked out which has been very difficult. Then to do this to the hand on top of everything else.....well at least nothing's broken. It's a little bit sore but I can play.

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