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May 20, 2007

Nathalie Dechy

Mara Santangelo


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. (From Italian) What does to feel like to win here in Rome?
MARA SANTANGELO: Well, of course I'm very happy. I didn't expect to have such a result because it was the first time I was playing with Nathalie, and it's not easy to go on court and play with a new player for the first time.
But we get on very, very well. We play very well together, and I think we are -- our style of game complete each other, because she is very good with passing shots and I compliment very well. We get on together well.
And of course it was great to win here in Rome with my family and friends.

Q. (From Italian) Barazzuti said the other day that the bad results shouldn't be a reason to say that all Italian tennis regarding women is not going well, and I think that this victory confirms what she said.
MARA SANTANGELO: Yes, I agree. Personally I think the women are doing quite good. We didn't stop at the Federation Cup and we are playing well. Our women's tennis is going fine, and you can see that.
And physically I'm fine. I have good results.

Q. (From Italian) Question for Nathalie: Manaudou came to practice in Italy, and as get along quite well with your friend, do you plan to come to practice in Italy?
NATHALIE DECHY: I don't know. I don't think it's good. I would each too much pasta here. No, but I have a good base in Amsterdam where I'm practicing, so everything is fine.
But it was nice to play with Mara, and Italy is such a nice country and I love my week here for sure.

Q. (From Italian) So this was a great victory, but doubles are still considered as a side activity in Italy.
MARA SANTANGELO: Yes, but in the USA, for example, the culture is completely different. I love to play doubles, and I think I will continue and I probably get on having such good result.
I think I will have very good ranking now. But I would like to find a player with whom to play regularly, because I won three tournaments with three different players and it's tough to start over again.

Q. Did you propose to Nathalie to be your fixed partner?
MARA SANTANGELO: Maybe after Wimbledon, because until Wimbledon I play with another player, with Molik, and I think she is busy as well. Here in Rome it was sort of coincidence because the player with whom I play normally was injured.

Q. (From Italian) After this match, this victory, do you consider yourself as the best Italian doubles player?
MARA SANTANGELO: I think it's not up to me to say that. It's think it's a little bit early to say such things as that, because in tennis it doesn't work like that.
You will see over a year what happens. I think you will have to consider Francesca as well who is still among the 10 top players even if she didn't come to the final.

Q. (From Italian) What about your ranking?
MARA SANTANGELO: I was 24; I think I will get down to the 20s.

Q. (From Italian) So two quick questions: First question, is this victory a signal, and would you like to address Barazzuti? And second question was: Do you think there are still some aspects of your game that you have to improve, because I had the impression that you had some problems with your forehand sometimes?
MARA SANTANGELO: For the first question, no. I think Barazzuti he knows me very well and he has a very high opinion of myself, as a person and a player. I don't think I need to send him any message.
I think he will call me for singles and doubles when he thinks is the time. He already did it, so no concern about that.
And about my game, I don't know, I didn't notice what you said with my of forehand. I think it was fine, and if I had some problems with Kuznetsova I think it's normal because she is very tough.

Q. (From Italian) I would like to have your opinion about the average level of the singles tournament. Any regrets within yourself or your Italian friends?
MARA SANTANGELO: I would like to speak for myself. What I can see is that I have some regrets about the match with Kuznetsova because I was a little bit nervous so I couldn't play as I wanted, and I regret it.
But I think it's normal on the other hand because it's difficult to play in front of such a big crowd. But I'm happy that I reacted so well today, because I was very focused, very concentrated on my game, so this is good.

Q. (From Italian) What was the feeling of playing with a French player against two Italian players in an Italian tournament?
MARA SANTANGELO: Oh, it was -- I think it was fun. We had fun on the court. We play well together and it could really inspire me.

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